The need to gather information and verify the identities of customers providing their personal information is an ever increasing need across a wide range of industries. From banking and car dealerships, to healthcare facilities and retailers offering loyalty rewards programs – identity solutions are helping to streamline the data collection process while reducing the obsolescence created by the mounds of paper forms accumulated in previous processes.

Could your industry benefit from an investment in identity solutions? Below we’ve outlined just eight of the most common industries we’ve helped implement identity scanning solutions and are reaping the benefits of a streamlined data capture process:

  1. Banking – We’ve all been there. Spending hours at the bank just to simply open a checking or savings account. With ID scanners on their side, banks are now able to scan the registrant’s ID to fill out the required forms – allowing customers to spend less time registering for an account. Additionally, ID scanning solutions can also help to prepopulate automobile loan forms, mortgage requests, and more.
  1. Hotels – Wouldn’t it be a dream vacation to get picked up at the airport, hand the limo driver your ID, and upon arrival to your hotel simply be handed your key? With identity solutions, we’re helping the hospitality industry minimize the check-in wait time to virtually nothing.
  1. Rental Industry – Whether you need to rent a tool, rent a jet ski, or rent a truck to move goods across town, with identity scanning capabilities rental companies can create the ultimate customer experience by having it ready and waiting when their rentee arrives
  1. Gaming – Let your VIP gamblers maximize their time on the game room floor by allowing them to pre-register for a player’s club with the simple swipe of their identification card.
  1. Car Dealership – Skip copying driver’s licenses altogether. Scan and store test driver information, and when they’re ready to make their purchase simply feed their already gathered information into your loan documentation – reducing the time it takes to buy and minimize the chance for human error.
  1. Hospitals – Experiencing a large number of patients walking through your doors? Identity scanning solutions can help you to streamline the patient registration process by reading patient identification cards in a snap. Especially in emergency rooms, this helps the on-boarding process speed up so patients can be seen by the doctor much more quickly.
  1. Loyalty Rewards Programs – Nothing ruins the hurried shopper’s day quite like getting stuck behind a slew of people signing up for a loyalty rewards program. Waiting for customers to fill out their form, only to have cashiers type their information into their computer or set their forms aside for processing at a later time. Streamline the registration process with the simple scan of the ID card, and avoid wasting space with paper forms. We promise, your customers will thank you.
  1. Airports – The security lines at the airport just keep getting longer and longer. Airports can actually avoid those traveler frustrations by implementing identity scanning solutions to capture, verify, and speed along the traveler’s journey.

Identity solutions are changing the way that businesses are capturing information from their customers for the better. Curious how identity scanning solutions can help you and your company ensure greater accuracy and? Don’t hesitate to reach out – we’d love to discuss how they make sense for your business.