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Letter from the CEO

As the CEO of OCR Solutions I stand behind my product, service and commitment to insure that we create value for our customers and listen to their needs.

OCR Solutions, Inc. was established in 2004 as a consulting company. The company took on large scale enterprise projects that involved software development and OCR technology for well known companies such as Movie Studios, Several Banks, AT & T and others. Having a long term vision I began developing imaging and scanning applications that would keep the company true to its OCR name. OCR Solutions is currently the only company in the world that has a true imaging solution in all areas. Solutions for the company span Scanning, Remote Scanning (sending images over RDP or ICA), Document OCR, ID OCR and special customized projects.

OCR has become one of the world’s leading experts in document imaging. Our approach to you as a customer is very different, we see our customers as partners. The only way for a solution to succeed is teamwork and customer service. Although we constantly invest in new technology we also invest heavily in our ability to support our customers. We take pride in the fact that customer reviews indicate OCR’s level of service and support greatly surpasses our competition. When you call in, a real person will answer. In most cases, we will handle your request or issue on the spot. OCR Solutions, Inc. is an extension of your company and we takes supporting you and your clients very seriously.

The word solutions is in our name because we think out of the box. Unique problems are intriguing to us.  We understand that all companies are unique and allow you the flexibility to challenge us on coming up with an optical character recognition scanning or imaging solution catered to your exact needs.

~ Eyal Barsky

OCR Solution’s software offerings focus on:

  • Thin client and remote scanning software
  • 2D barcode parsing solutions
  • ID scanner imaging and reading
  • Electronic signature software
  • OCR – Optical Character Recognition Derivatives
  • Color document OCR extraction
  • Skew/deskew
  • Document management systems
  • Custom Application Development

OCR Solutions, Inc. has built a niche line of products that easily integrate into existing processes and add value to our customers. Partnering with various document scanner, id scanner, and OCR scanner providers around the world helps us develop competitive solutions using the most current technologies and allowing our customers a competitive advantage. Our collaboration with leading software development service providers helps us deliver powerful and reliable optical character recognition imaging and scanning software solutions.

Contact Information:

Phone: (727) 202-9335

Email: [email protected]