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Customer Registration Through OCR Technology in a Contactless World

In this day and age, your business has no time to waste painstakingly registering your customers or clients by hand. That’s why contactless software can help save both you and your business time and money. OCR Solutions offers contactless software that can help with a wide range of industries.  The World is Going Contactless As […]

Inventory Tracking Software For Retail Stores

Some businesses have been dealt a critical blow because of the COVID pandemic, and others have struggled to keep products on the shelf because of increased demand. Now that social distancing guidelines and restrictions are being eased, people will begin to come out of their homes to again patron their favorite stores. In order to […]

Patient Check-in Software For Post COVID-19

The battle against COVID-19 has been a tremendously difficult one. In just a few months over 100,000 of our own American citizens have fallen victim to an invisible enemy, and our medical professionals on the frontlines are perhaps some of the most vulnerable by exposure alone. We must do everything we can to protect doctors, […]