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What The Future of Biometrics Holds For Identity Verification

While simple username and password schemes worked well enough in the early days of digital identity, mounting concerns over cybersecurity and fraud have demanded more robust solutions for verifying who you are. Fortunately, the field of biometrics has experienced rapid growth and development, offering a new paradigm for identity verification across a variety of domains.  […]

How CAD Data Extraction Is An Engineer’s Dream Software Solution

From research to drafting up reports, engineers spend a lot of time working with detailed datasets and documents. Engineering drawings, in particular, play a large role in navigating a project. These structured schematics are central to accurately executing a design, providing a roadmap for coordinating every feature and dimension. A particular challenge is to quickly […]

Face Recognition Systems: Revolutionizing Verification Processes

The world of identity verification is quickly evolving. In an age of deep fakes, cyberattacks, and advanced artificial intelligence, a simple alphanumeric password or 4-digit pin is no longer enough to secure your data. To combat this, a number of new systems and technologies are beginning to take center-stage in the domain of identity. Facial […]

How Scanned IDs and Cloud Technology Are Revamping Check-In Processes

Our identities are our keys to the world. Whether you’re joining a gym or boarding an international flight, almost everywhere we go requires some form of identity verification. In many cases, however, the check-in process is extremely antiquated, relying on painstaking paperwork and meticulous manual effort at every step of the process.  Think about the […]

Document Imaging Software: The Key To Being More Efficient In Healthcare

The healthcare industry is a complex web of public and private providers, brimming with thousands of intricate relationships and components. Any disruption in operations can have unintended consequences throughout the surrounding ecosystem, and every component is crucial to its efficiency.  Maintaining this network of systems is a difficult task, and administrators are constrained by pain […]

Invoice Processing And OCR Systems: The Ultimate Pairing To Optimize Your Profits

When it comes to an organization’s core operations, a small subset of systems and functions can have an outsized impact on the rest of the business. Invoice processing, in particular, is a fundamental component of business accounting— but it can also become one of the organization’s most challenging tasks.  Between the process’s long, tedious nature, […]

OCR and Honeywell join efforts to create a COVID touchless registration solution

For Immediate Release In the wake of a global Pandemic, OCR Solution’s has created an innovative software to help deal with Covid-19. The CaptureMax Healthcare application utilizes the company’s existing CaptureMax (IdMax) ID reading software to create a touchless data capture solution to record patient information for the testing and virus tracking efforts. CaptureMax reads […]

How to Evaluate ID Reading Software

How to Evaluate ID Reading Software When I started working in the ID capture business in 2004 there were only a few players in this field. Now there seem to be around a hundred when there were only around 10 and new ID reading companies are popping up daily. There are several players in this […]

How You Can Use OCR Systems For Your Insurance Claims Processing

Technology has evolved exponentially in the last decade, with it bringing many new solutions that automate and streamline the workplace. When it comes to insurance, OCR Solutions is able to bring the best of technology to make claims processing easier. The Customer Experience for Insurance Claims Processing Insurance claims in any industry are notorious for […]