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The New Era in Reading Medical Forms

In a field now filled with stringent laws and regulations, any medical information that is leaked, misinterpreted, or mistyped can have disastrous consequences. The amount of paperwork to meet legal obligations such as HIPAA alone can be daunting. The volume changes, but the expectation that these forms are filled out completely and accurately is still […]

Reading Credit Cards Using a Mobile Phone

  Today’s world is one that is becoming more advanced technologically on the daily.  Businesses have moved away from the traditional brick-and-mortar model, and merchants that are unable to accept mobile credit card payments fail to maximize revenue opportunities in an already crowded market. The Popularity of Mobile Credit Card Processing Due to the number […]

Passport and ID Scanners that are Camera-based

  When looking at a mobile identification solution, there are some things you need to take into consideration. How many people will be using it? How fast does a device need to process individuals into an allowed entry point? Durability is also something that needs to be taken into account. Luckily, OCR Solutions has a […]

Basics of Facial Recognition

  Detection Acquiring an image can be accomplished by digitally scanning an existing photograph (2D) or by using a video image to acquire a live picture of a subject (3D). Alignment Once it detects a face, the system determines the head’s position, size and pose. As stated earlier, the subject has the potential to be recognized up […]

Take a Look at Our Latest Software Release- idMax Cloud

  The adoption of the Cloud has provided businesses many advantages to include efficiency, data security, as well as cost reduction. The benefits of advanced software suites are able to be tapped into without the need for expensive overhead or complex in-house infrastructure. This is why OCR Solutions has created idMax Cloud, an agile platform […]

Medical form reading

  Any company working in the medical industry knows the massive volume of documents that need to be managed and processed. Between medical records, and claim forms such as CMS1500 or UB04s’, the workload can be daunting. Human error is bound to happen if these documents are processed manually, leading to delays in payment or […]

Issues in CAD Drawing Management

  Engineers and designers spend many hours creating drawings for products The life of a drawing does not stop at design, as it will be used time and time again over the file of the product it represents.  CAD drawings are highly valuable, but for some reason, it is usually paper-equivalent drawings that are most […]

Facial Recognition Technology in Airports Survey: 43% of Americans Approve, 33% Disapprove

Only one in three Americans (32.5%) disagree with the government using facial recognition technology at airports to improve security and boarding speed, according to a new survey from travel search engine Reservations.com. Conversely, 42.6% of those surveyed approve of the use of facial recognition technology to improve security and boarding speed. One-quarter of Americans (24.8%) […]

The Various Uses of Face Recognition Technology

Facial Recognition Technology (FRT) has advanced leaps and bounds.; so much so that it is no longer just used for access control to top-secret government facilities. Your smartphone is capable of being locked/unlocked with a simple picture. This just one of many use cases for facial recognition technology. Control Sensitive Data Much like securing access […]

Why Your App Needs a Credit Card Reader

OCR Solutions is a leading subject-matter expert when it comes to your digital needs. One example is the recent development of a new credit card reader software. Here is how it can have a positive impact on your business and bottom-dollar. Phones Over Credit Cards Over the years, people have traded handling cash for debit […]