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Mobile ID Reading

A few years ago when somebody told me that they want to use their phone and take a picture of an ID and extract it’s data from the front using OCR, I thought that would never happen. Boy was I wrong and here I am to say that our company OCR Solutions is one of […]

OCR For Invoices With Line Item Detail

When looking at various OCR systems that extract data from scanned documents Invoice Line Item Detail is a recurring theme. Many companies have the challenge of having to track and record many invoices from various companies. Manual invoice processing can have a high cost and since it is done manually has a high error rate. […]

Remote Scanning Into QuickBooks

If you are an accountant or your business has Quickbooks hosted on a terminal server you have probably come across the need to remotely scan into your application that is remotely hosted. VirtualScan enables you to scan your checks, invoices receipts and any other document directly into a profile on Quickbooks. The best feature about […]

Medical Insurance Card Reader

  Medical Insurance Card Reader Introducing idMax Medical Insurance card scanning for medical office use. Duplex your front desk operation by integrating our ID and Medical Insurance Card scanner software into your front desk using an app or for mac computers. Instead of having a patient fill out paper forms, have them scan their ID […]

The 5 Benefits of ID Reading and What It’s Used For

The 5 Benefits of ID Reading and What It’s Used For   With a variety of businesses moving to online-based solutions for ID Reading, ID Reading software is quickly becoming the simplest, most convenient form of license scanning. ID Reading is a software program that is able to accept and validate all necessary ID information […]

Does your OCR company show you a demo with your documents?

Investing in a data capture OCR system is no trivial matter. Most companies that want to improve their data capture operation begin their quest by contacting a few providers and asking for a demo. When customers approach OCR Solutions our first step begins with asking them for a set of their documents we can integrate […]

How to Use a Webcam on a Terminal Server

How to Use a Webcam on a Terminal Server Webcam use over a network has become a widely used solution to companies doing business from afar. Not only that, but schools, hospitals, and other organizations have taken to using webcams for the ease of remotely capturing a photograph. Today, many hospitals and financial institutions that […]

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Overview

Suppose you wanted to digitize a patient record or a printed contract. You could spend hours retyping and then correcting misprints. Or you could convert all the required materials into digital format in several minutes using a scanner (or a digital camera) and Optical Character Recognition software. What exactly is meant by OCR? Optical Character […]