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Overcoming Challenges in Reading New Digital IDs in Australia

Introduction:   As a software developer, our constant aim is to create innovative solutions that simplify tasks and improve productivity. Today, we are excited to introduce a groundbreaking feature that will revolutionize the way digital IDs are processed: OCR has recently introduced the ability to read digital IDs using a screen capture directly from a […]


idMax has recently released our new SDK with some incredible enhancements. Very exciting and useful functionality! New enhancements: New Mobile solution (iOS and Android) for CaptureMax cloud to allow reading IDs in the field and sending them directly to your customized cloud database. New algorithm that allows document classification for full pages and IDs faster […]

OCR Solutions’ Privacy Policy

  At OCR Solutions, Inc, we take your privacy seriously and are committed to protecting your personal information. This Privacy Policy applies to our cloud application and mobile applications, which we refer to collectively as our “Services.” OCR Solutions focuses on developing application in the data capture software vertical also known as OCR (Optical Character […]

Using facial recognition for identification – even with masks

In World War II, navies disguised warships by painting them in a pattern called “dazzle,” which confused radar systems. Although it didn’t really look anything like the camouflage soldiers wore, it essentially camouflaged the ships. In 2020, something similar happened to facial recognition. It wasn’t on purpose, but facial recognition systems suddenly started having trouble […]

Why medical providers need to see an insurance card – every time

While certainly the most important reason for proper identification in medical patient registration is for the health of the patient, it’s also important to ensure that the patient is eligible for the services they are requesting and that their insurance company or other provider is agreeing to pay for the service. In addition to supporting […]

Improving hotel/motel registration in the post-9/11 era

Old movies – you know, the kind in black and white – would sometimes show a couple visiting a hotel or motel and signing in as “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” before disappearing upstairs for some illicit hanky-panky. Sadly, for those who were into that sort of thing, that’s largely gone by the wayside. Hotels and […]

The importance of proper identification in medical patient registration

37 patient safety events out of 436 sentinel events have occurred due to patient identification errors in the second quarter of 2019 including surgical or invasive procedure events involving wrong patient, wrong procedure, and wrong site. A 2016 study classified over 7,600 out of 10,915 events from January 2013 to August 2015 as “wrong-patient events” […]

Protecting Yourself Against Test-Drive Theft

Two men are wanted in the Houston area after they stole an Audi RS5from a local dealership. The brazen theft happened in the middle of the business day, when a salesperson stepped away after letting one of the men take the car for a test drive, while the other sat in the (getaway) car. He then swiped […]

Considering a cloud-based visitor management system

“Can I help you?” There’s more than just courtesy in this question. Building receptionists and security guards don’t just greet visitors, but also perform an important gatekeeping and data gathering role. And there’s no point in gathering that information if you can’t gain access to it afterwards. That’s why the global vendor management system market […]