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Information Capture Software Provides Onsite Data During a Pandemic

The COVID-19 Pandemic has very quickly changed the lives of all of us. Businesses have had to close their doors. Medical professionals have been working tirelessly day and night to take care of the sick and research innovative solutions to beat the Coronavirus once and for all.   Testing for COVID-19 has become a global issue, […]

ID Verification For Account Access and KYC

Over $900 million dollars was lost last year due to identity theft and fraud. It is no wonder security has become an increasingly important topic- especially when it comes to your financials. This has led to cumbersome processes and countermeasures being put in place just to try to protect customers. Passwords must now be too […]

CADmax New Features – Edit Engineering Drawings After Capture

CADmax Data Extraction has been one of OCR Solutions flagship software. Aimed at the engineering crowd, the goal was to create a solution that eliminated the need to constantly sift through physical and scanned engineering drawings for information that might be required. What you now have is an intuitive platform that is able to scan […]

ID Scanning and Facial Recognition For Banking

Hackers and others willing to commit fraud are ingenious when it comes to the tools and methodologies they employ. Private and sensitive information leaking has become commonplace and this has sent businesses in many industries- especially banks- into a frenzy seeking out different ways to keep customer information secure. The traditional username and password method for […]

Mobile Document Capture

OCR Solutions has proven time and time again that they are the best when it comes to state-of-the-art documents and form reading software. Through Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and underlying intelligent algorithms, physical documents and other media are easily converted into an editable, digital format.  OCR Solutions has taken the formula that has revolutionized capture […]

Structured versus unstructured form data capture

Data is data- why does it even matter what form it takes? Researching things you can do to make data entry tasks less painful might have led you here. Automating the processing of your documents through digitization and OCR technologies is only the first step. How data is structured depends on the purpose of the […]