Automotive OCR Solutions

Eliminate the manual transfer of customer information, errors and waiting for the copy machine. One scan of a license or passport populates your DMS or F&I system database. This in turn assists with federal compliance of regulatory issues and access to customer information throughout your systems and trickles down to all departments.

OCR’s data capture software solutions can be implemented quickly and very user friendly.

ID Scanning – Automotive Solutions

When entering a dealership one of the key elements is capturing customer information. Imagine your associates not having to use the copy machine anymore! In one scan a sales associate can:

  • Capture ID information and automatically populate the fields on a finance contract
  • Use the information for future prospecting
  • Retain the image for test drive compliance

Join the many dealerships that have added our idMax solution is capable of capturing images from ID’s and passports for quick identification and compliance purposes. Today’s world demands a high level of compliance. Regulatory issues and regulations like the USA PATRIOT Act, Know Your Customer (KYC) slow down any operation that does not have a streamlined process. Adding the ability to read ID’s is becoming a major part of automotive dealer’s operations. Federal regulations are requiring companies to be able to produce documentation of customer’s driver’s license or ID.

Many dealerships are adding idMax’s ID reading applications technology as a way to provide a service to the customer as well as help stay in compliance and capture their customer’s data to stay in touch.  Adding ID verification into current processes is simple and adds only seconds to any transaction.

Document Solutions

Eliminate data entry; improve productivity speed up your process!

Are you sick of looking at a documents and having to enter their data manually into your system? Join  the many organizations that have integrated our advanced data capture OCR system and automate your process. Most Dealers and Auto Finance companies have very inefficient, manual data entry and validation steps that are error prone. Until now it has been very difficult for OCR systems to dynamically capture information in unstructured documents and turn this information into digital electronically storable data.

OCR’s document capture solution is able to take in any scanned document, dynamically read it’s information/fields and extract it’s data. Once this is done the system will generate the data in a format that is imported real time into your DMS, Financial or other system and place data in the proper fields. This system is easily automated and works in the background with little or no user intervention.

Our technology uses a mix of rules, pattern recognition and traditional OCR templates to accurately capture and store data unique to your operation.

Automate recognition of common forms without any extra expense

  • Retail Contracts
  • Leases
  • Worksheets
  • ATPI’s
  • VSC’s
  • GAP
  • LA&H

Benefits or Financial Document Data Capture:

  • Speeds invoice processing time and accuracy by implementing  AP automation
  • Reconcile remittances in accounts receivable
  • Convert customer orders into revenue by eliminating manual data entry
  • Quickly apply system benefits to other departments, such as human resources
  • Reduce manual data entry by 80% or more giving immediate ROI
  • Eliminate data entry Errors by adding an automatic verification process
  • Classify and sort documents based on their content
  • Read and extract line-item detail from tables regardless of length or layout
  • Use various validation methods to ensure data accuracy before passing it to your back-end systems

Remote Scanning

For dealerships and financial enterprises using a centrally hosted software on a terminal server or Citrix the most challenging aspect has been scanning a document directly into a hosted application. Entering data into a customer file is easy but try attaching the various contracts and scanned documents into the file.

VirtualScan software is our unique solution to remote scanning directly to a remote server session. VirtualScan host software installed on any local machine communicates with hardware such as scanners and webcams and enables the user to scan directly into a hosted application residing on a Terminal Server or Citrix system. Just deploy our virtual driver to your server or server farm and enable users to remotely scan into your financial system.

Many software providers, dealers and finance companies  have developed hosted versions of their software. Imagine adding the ability to remotely scan documents directly into the customer file on a  centrally hosted solution.   VirtualScan software quickly and easily integrates and gives the ability to send check and document images directly into the customer file in the application.

OCR sales and developers will give you the attention and personal touch to guide you in selecting and implementing the best solution to meet your organization’s unique needs. For more information on OCR Solutions’ automotive software solutions, contact our sales team today!

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