CADmax New Features – Edit Engineering Drawings After Capture

CADmax Data Extraction has been one of OCR Solutions flagship software. Aimed at the engineering crowd, the goal was to create a solution that eliminated the need to constantly sift through physical and scanned engineering drawings for information that might be required. What you now have is an intuitive platform that is able to scan any type of engineering drawing and complete immediate data extraction for further processing/cataloging. This is a product that is constantly evolving with new features.

Easy Processing

CADMax works by having a constant monitor on specified folder locations. Any drawings that currently exist in these folders will be processed through CADMax. New drawings that may be dropped in these locations going forward will also be immediately processed. CADMax has the ability to monitor multiple locations, so it can be configured to your environment in cases like different folders for departments or job types.

Once you add your sources, your user-interface will display simple to understand information about folder locations and what has/has not been processed through CADMax. Adding or deleting source targets is as simple as a click of a radio button on the top of the screen.  All of your drawings can be scanned into CADMax almost immediately out of the box. 

Powerful Extraction

All of OCR Solution’s products are based around a powerful Optical Character Recognition (OCR) engine. Once you have added your source targets and the software begins actively monitoring those locations, drawings are scanned and sent through the OCR engine where it locates text and extracts the data directly from the drawing. This new digital data is cataloged, and your drawings are now completely searchable through a simple UI. All text data is captured, whether it is vertical or horizontal. The software also allows you to edit information that was inaccurately captured via our verification module.

Output data is combined with an XML of the drawing showing locations and coordinates. When you search for a specific drawing by part number or known text, the search interface will present the data you are looking for as well as position found for specific drawings that met the search criterion. 

New Features Constantly Being Added

OCR Solutions is constantly striving to improve their product lines, and this includes CADMax. Occasionally, a capture may not be complete. The OCR engine may be unable to read some areas of a drawing that may be faded or for other reasons. To combat this, CADMax now has a verification feature that allows the user to manually add information before saving the document for later lookup.

In the CADMax UI, clicking the “QC” icon on a specific project file will open up a window where all scanned drawings can be viewed or modified. The left pane shows you all current scanned drawings. Selecting one of these expands it out in the center pane. The drawing will have different selection boxes for all recognized text. All you have to do is drag a new box over an unrecognized area of the drawing and you are given the option to manually get the OCR engine to recognize the text or type it in. 

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CADMax and our other products have done wonders in revolutionizing the modern workplace. No matter what industry you are in, OCR capture and processing technologies expedite critical business processes and allow you to re-allocate precious time and manpower resources elsewhere. If you would like a demo of CADMax or have questions about our other products, our engineers are eagerly waiting to hear from you. Do not hesitate to contact us today!