Choosing the Best Facial Recognition Software

by | Feb 9, 2019

Whether for personal security of your home or for your business, facial recognition has become a technology that plays an incredibly important role. Facial recognition software has advanced to the point that false reject or positives are rare. It no longer faces the errors it once did. There are many companies that design and produce facial recognition software, but it is important to know the criteria that determine what makes them bad or great.

Standards Matter

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) is a non-regulatory agency of the U.S Department of Commerce. Their purpose is to promote innovation and industrial competitiveness. They are responsible for frameworks and standards actively used to secure and defend military networks and classified information.

To be recognized as NIST compliant is a goal of many private contractors and DoD agencies. The products or technologies mentioned by NIST are heavily researched and tested. In a vendor test report being conducted by NIST, metrics are provided for the performance of products in areas critical to facial recognition. OCR Solution’ Facial Recognition software is on this list and has constantly been on the NIST rankings.

The Mugshot Test

One of the tests performed is in the Mugshot Category. In this test, 10^6 images containing 10^5 subjects were processed. These images were varying in pixel length, but all conformed with the ISO/IEC 19794-5 Full Frontal Image type. It is important to note that these images were all live captured.

The goal of this test was to determine the False Match Rate (FMR) of the product, one of the critical metrics in facial recognition. FMR, is the probability that a system incorrectly matches an analyzed pattern to a wrong sample in the database. Ranked number one, our product’s FMR was 98.75 accurate at one possible false positive match in over 10,000 facial recognition requests (0,013 @ 0,0001).

The WILD Test

In a similar test to the one above, this time images are presented that contain many imperfections. Images are photojournalistic in style and are cropped tightly around the head. They are close-up and can include hair and sometimes hands.

The WILD test is great at emulating an environment where pictures might not be perfect or even rushed. 10^5 number of images containing 10^3 number of different subjects were presented. Again, all of these images were live-captured and not scanned.

Despite the nature of the images, our products performed extremely well, ranking #4 overall for FMR. 95.6% accuracy was demonstrated at one possible false positive match in over 10,000 facial recognition requests (0,044 @ 0,0001)

Performance Matters

As demonstrated by the NIST Ongoing Face Recognition Vendor Test (FRVT), our solutions rank and perform among the best. Despite rigorous stress testing, our facial recognition software demonstrates its accuracy even when presented tens of thousands of different images of subjects.

What does this mean for your organization? It means you can acquire world-class facial recognition technology at the most competitive value provided anywhere.

Our system is completely cross-domain and able to work on many different platforms. It is also compatible with any mobile/WEB camera.

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