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VirtualScan skips the inherent issues that come with Citrix OCR USB redirection and gives you deeper control and flexibility for scanning in your organization. TWAIN redirection is a way of enabling the server to go over the remote session and see the user’s local drivers thus enabling the user to scan over the network directly into the hosted application. Historically there have been stability issues with this practice and although it has been better it does not give you the speed and flexibility that our remote scanning application can.

Remote or Virtual Scanning controls the scan from the server using our proprietary twain compliant virtual driver. When the user goes to select the scanning source of the remote driver they will see the software manufacturer’s driver instead of the scanner manufacturer’s driver. To further emphasize this let’s graphically show the differences:



There will always be only one driver here no matter how many locally attached devices the user may have.



As you can see, twain redirection will provide you with a list of all your local drivers while you are logged into the server/session in order to choose which scanner you would like to scan from.

VirtualScan creates a pipeline that can support any hardware and not just scanners. The system also supports webcams, check scanners and allows you the flexibility of sharing a scanner.

Benefits of Virtual Scanning

  • Allows the user to scan directly into a Citrix session
  • Added Security – Scanned media is stored on the server giving you another layer of security
  • Central Management- Manage all users scanners and settings from our central user interface
  • Added ability to share scanners between stations saving the organization money
  • Support for webcams, signature pads and check scanners

Operating systems normally supported

  • Client Support – Windows – 7, Vista, XP, XPe, 2K
  • Server Support
    • Microsoft® Terminal Server 2003, 2003 R2, 2008, 2008 R2 2012
    • Citrix All versions including XenServer, XenDesktop and XenApp

 In order for VirtualScan to work it is important to disable TWAIN redirection on your Citrix Management Console. If you are having issues on Citrix the first place to look is the TWAIN redirection. Both systems cannot work in parallel so it is imperative that you disable TWAIN redirection. Below are the instructions to do so:

Depending on the version of XenApp you have installed:

  • From the Start menu, open All Programs > Citrix > Administration Tools and choose XenApp Advanced Configuration.
  • From the ICA toolbar, open the Presentation Server Console.
  • Open the Properties dialog box of the policy in which you want to control – TWAIN redirection.
  • Enable the rule Client Devices > Resources > Other > Configure TWAIN redirection.