Local, State, & Federal Government

Government offices and agencies focus on a need to capture images from ID’s and proprietary documents. OCR is unique in the fact that is has a full spectrum of imaging, scanning and OCR solutions that can step up to government agencies specific needs. Our wide range of software systems are a cost-effective, easy-to-use and most of all, have unmatched live US based support. When you call, a live person will answer and find resolution to your issue.

With the Real ID legislation identity documents have become much more complex. They are more difficult to read using OCR technologies and are constantly changing. The ability to respond to this daily change of Driver’s License designs and formats is a challenging effort. Our company has been in this business for a long time and has found a way to streamline our document support process so your employees can do their job. idMax software can be used to recognize and extract data from passports or ID’s in seconds. Weather the use is made for visitor management to secured locations, border crossings or any other application, idMax SDK is the most reliable solution on the market today.

For agents out in the field idMax cloud is the perfect solution for quick identity verification. An agent can take a photo of any ID or document, capture the data and populate fields in a database for fast lookup or registration.

Government’s massive amount of forms hinge around digitization and the ability of software tools such as OCR Smart which is key to quickly and easily organizing data. Instead of going through the boxes of files, we can now digitize documents, index, categorize and make them searchable! More and more agencies are scanning their documents so that finding information takes seconds not days.

Is your process unique? Call us today with your special projects and let us show you how OCR Smart can extract document or ID data with very little effort.

OCR sales and developers will give you the attention and personal touch to guide you in selecting and implementing the best solution to meet your organization’s unique needs. For more information on OCR Solutions’ government software solutions, contact our sales team today!

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