Hospitality OCR Solutions

Today, guests have many choices when it comes to spending their money on hospitality. In order to keep up with all the new trends OCR has partnered with several companies in the hospitality industry to make a customer’s experience pleasant and effortless.
Implementation of our idMax cloud system saves registration time and allows a great customer experience. A customer can either user a mobile application or scan their passport or ID when they get to the front desk. Imaging having an application that will take a picture of your ID and register you for your stay in minutes. idMax takes an image and parses the user’s ID information into their hotel management system within an average time of 4 seconds! The customer’s ID is placed through a camera scanner and given back immediately, this new cloud ID reading technology is fast and efficient.

In the back office our OCR system combined with the VirtualScan remote scanning software allows staff to scan a document to a central terminal or Citrix server using a local scanner and parse out information from vendor invoices directly into their system. Adding our powerful Avision scanners to the mix allows users to scan all their images in a way that the information is clear and concise so that they can later be retrieved and understood.

OCR sales and developers will give you the attention and personal touch to guide you in selecting and implementing the best solution to meet your organization’s unique needs. For more information on OCR Solutions’ hospitality software solutions, contact our sales team today!

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