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ID Scanning and Facial Recognition For Banking

Hackers and others willing to commit fraud are ingenious when it comes to the tools and methodologies they employ. Private and sensitive information leaking has become commonplace and this has sent businesses in many industries- especially banks- into a frenzy seeking out different ways to keep customer information secure. The traditional username and password method for authentication/authorization have become a vulnerability, leading to other methods of identification being created. Facial recognition, one-time passwords, tokens, and ID verification through scanning are all technologies that have been successfully deployed. Each of these though, has their drawbacks and hackers have taught us that using any single identification factor alone is not enough to protect customers. 

Using multiple types of authentication is what is needed to secure customers, and OCR Solutions provides this through ID Verification, facial recognition, and AI software.

Combining Two Successful Factors

Facial recognition is something that has been used with mobile phone apps for nearly a decade, and the underlying algorithms are only becoming more intelligent. It has become so reliable, that countries in Europe are starting to integrate facial recognition technologies into ID verification. 

ID verification has become more reliable over the years. Due to technologies such as RFID, magnetic strips, watermarking, and Real ID making a fake identification card has become incredibly difficult. ID verification serves as a security backbone for many processes in government. OCR Solutions has been a leader in bringing identity solutions to the private sector and has begun to deploy secure services that combine ID verification and facial recognition. 

Use Case for Banking

How would two complex and proven security solutions look for the customer? A lot of times improved security can come at a cost to convenience. This is not the case when it comes to ID verification and facial recognition. All a customer needs is the camera on their own phone or computer device.

When a customer onboards, information from their license or ID is gathered through a process called optical character recognition (OCR). The user just takes a picture of the ID and the information from that ID populates into the respective application fields. The software will then automatically crop out the face image that will later be used to compare to the customers live face. When customers use a mobile banking app, a snapshot of their face and ID can be taken and OCR Solution’s intelligent software will take it from there. It will compare the live image to the ID to verify the identity of the customer through advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence. 

Liveliness detection will capture biometric data through a phone’s front-facing selfie camera or webcam of a computer. The software generates a 3D biometric map of the users facial characteristics, which is stored and bound to the new customer during the entire enrollment process. Its very important to note that the user’s image or picture is not saved and just their facial signature or characteristics. When this all comes together the customer is securely and instantly verified and the user can now access their secure account. In the future, all the customers will have to do is to activate their mobile camera in order to authenticate.

OCR Solutions are the Experts

OCR Solutions is world-renowned when it comes to ID scanning and facial recognition. The marriage of the two combined with our advanced software ensures customers are securely identified. Private and sensitive information has a lesser chance of falling into the hands of a bad actor, and the only impact on the customer is a quicker onboard and logon process. In the end, we deliver a single package that is simple, portable, and secure. If you have any questions about possible use cases or other solutions to secure your customers, do not hesitate to reach out to us. Our engineers are waiting to hear from you!