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ID / Driver’s License Scanning Software – idMax

Scan any US or International ID and capture it’s data in seconds.

Register and save customer information

Integrates into your application quickly with our developer SDK (Software Development Kit)

Works with any TWAIN compliant scanner or use our cloud version with your mobile application.

idMax is by far the fastest and most advanced US and international ID and driver’s license scanning and reading software on the market today. The software is designed to accept an ID image from a scanner or camera and extract the information from the ID into corresponding fields for storage and retrieval. OCR developers have designed the system to be flexible and easy to use. idMax works with ANY twain scanner and also accepts images from a mobile phone camera or webcam. This Driver’s license and ID scanning and reading software solution has several versions:

  • idMax Database – This is the perfect front office solution to quickly scan and capture ID data from your customers. The system will also take the information and populate a preconfigured contract template.
  • idMax Cloud Database – If you need a centralized ID scanning solution this will fit the bill! This user interface is connected to the internet and sends the image to our cloud server for parsing. You will be amazed how fast our online system reads a passport or license.
  • idMax SDK Local – Integrate ID reading functionality directly into your proprietary application. Although there are instructions you will not need them as we created a very simple interface that allows a developer to integrate ID scanning into their code in minutes!
  • idMax SDK Cloud – The cloud SDK (Software Development Kit) allows you to send an ID or passport image from a mobile phone, computer, pad, thin client, etc directly to the cloud for processing. Integration is quick and easy, ID processing time is extremely fast

In reading the US and international ID and passport data, we have taken a very different approach. Instead of relying solely on the magnetic stripe or 2D barcode in order to extract the data, our system is able to read an ID card or Passport exactly like the human eye. idMax’s advanced OCR algorithm captures ID card  information, and turns it into readable and editable data.

There are several advantages to our ID scanning system:

  1. Speed – you will see that the average speed to read a US ID is between 1.5 to 2.5 seconds instead of 6-8 seconds current industry average.
  2. Hardware Independent – You do not need to purchase the system with a scanner. The customer can use existing twain compliant scanners they already have, or even an iPad or Webcam. On camera, it is important to get a decent/clear picture.
  3. Dynamic Templates – Our system does not rely on templates. Therefore, any new ID’s that come to market will read. This means your customers will not need to wait for updates in order to read ID’s, nor will they have to rush in order to push a new update to end users.
  4. Accuracy – The system is very accurate and has been proven to surpass other similar applications in its performance, based on client independent studies/testing.
  5. Flexibility and Ease of Use – idMax was made to be very easy to integrate and use. The system can be used locally or in the cloud. It will accept an image from any device camera or scanner. This means you are not forced to use and invest in a proprietary scanner.

Non Template Based – Most ID scanning and reading systems that use OCR rely on a having a template for each ID. That means that if the ID template is not programmed into the system, the card will not be read and the user will have to manually populate the field data taking a lot of time. idMax took a very unique approach and uses dynamic search. This means that the system will find information, and place it in the proper fields on the fly. No more having to wait for a template update if there is a new ID the system will extract its data!

The driver’s license and ID scanning system is very easy to use. Please download our free version from the link below and take us for a test drive!


Price per license key starts at only $350.00 (software only)