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idMax Age Verification

The idMax age verification solution scans an ID quickly gives you the person’s age and stores the information for later retrieval if needed. This software can quickly be installed on any computer and works right out of the box. This ID and age verification software can be used for compliance as well as record keeping.

Doctor’s Office | Front Desk | Convenience Stores | Rentals | Spas | Bars

The idMax age verification uses the TWAIN Standard

The software can read all 50 state US ID’s, just scan the card in with any twain compliant scanner and the system will read and save the ID. In parallel it will auto calculate patrons age and display a red or green sign based on age.

The powerful database captures and stores the face image of every visitor’s I.D. This information will protect you and your business, should you need to obtain a customer’s identity. This solution is ideal for patient registration in the medical field as well.

The system can be programmed to pre-populate an agreement or contract with the customer’s name and ID image for them to sign. This is a very powerful feature that is not available on other systems.

Please verify the privacy laws of your state before purchasing.