idMax Cloud Software

idMaxCloud Software

OCR Solutions’ idMax Cloud Software is an advanced cloud and mobile ID Scanning solution.  In today’s fast paced mobile computing world customers want a better user experience. This lead us to creating an ID reading solution that can be used with a mobile phone. The new mobile trend is what lead us to develop our ID reading cloud solution.

idMax Cloud is a Mobile ID Reading Server that can be hosted  at any client location as well as used on our servers. Simple to integrate into your current technical infrastructure.

Customize the mobile ID scanning application to your exact needs. The mobile ID server takes out the need to invest in a scanner and lets your users take ID images with their mobile phone.  The idMax advanced algorithms auto detect information on any ID or passport and pre fill the appropriate fields in your application.

Scan or just take a picture of an ID and send the drivers license image to our cloud OCR servers. The server will in turn extract data from the ID or Passport and send the information back to your system in seconds!


As seen in the image above there is not much to reading any type of ID, just choose or send the ID image, upload and the system will extract the data in seconds!



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