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The idMax local SDK software development kit reads data from an ID or passport and sends the information to your proprietary application in the exact way you need. Installation and integration is very simple with great examples that will assist you in adding ID reading into your application in less than an hour. Once the application is installed just go to our libraries located on your computer at – C:idMax DesktopDevelopers and you are ready to get started.

idMax SDK will read and extract the data from US ID’s, Passports, 2D Barcodes and many other countries. The system is independent which allows you to purchase any twain scanner that fits your needs or let us assist you with the best scanner hardware solution for your needs.

As seen in the image above there is not much to reading any type of ID, just choose or send the ID image, upload and the system will extract the data in seconds!

Download the software today and take is for a test drive!

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