Information Capture Software Provides Onsite Data During a Pandemic

by | May 5, 2020

The COVID-19 Pandemic has very quickly changed the lives of all of us. Businesses have had to close their doors. Medical professionals have been working tirelessly day and night to take care of the sick and research innovative solutions to beat the Coronavirus once and for all.  

Testing for COVID-19 has become a global issue, and healthcare facilities are feeling the pressure from both the influx of patients and surge in demand for testing. Resources are running out. OCR Solutions has teamed up with Honeywell in order to create a better, more effective way to manage this demand, and ultimately beat back COVID-19.

Mobile & Drive-Thru Testing

Throughout the United States, retail stores and medical facilities have opened up drive-thru testing locations.  Sick patients who suspect they have COVID-19 have flocked to these locations, and hospital/government employees have administered thousands of tests while trying to maintain their own safety. 

In order to safely and efficiently meet the demand for testing, the government staff employed at these locations need the right technology.  Honeywell’s CT40 and CT60 Handheld Mobile Computers in combination with OCR Solutions’ CaptureMax provide a powerful platform to instantly gather pertinent patient information at mobile testing sites without additional contact or exposure. This is absolutely critical in keeping our health care professionals safe.

The Role of CaptureMax

CaptureMax is a custom disease management application created by OCR Solutions that uses advanced OCR scanning technology to allow frontline healthcare workers to take a volume-based approach to gather patient data.  Interfacing with Honeywell’s CT60 mobile computing device, CaptureMax will instantly capture the personal information of a patient from a photo ID and within 4 seconds, create a patient account. 

The potent combination of Honeywell and OCR provides a tool that is ideal for COVID drive-thru and mobile test sites. The solution is easy to employ and all data that is captured is stored on the cloud and can be centrally managed as well as provide real-time tracking. Interfacing with the RP2 printer allows health care workers to easily create labels for test samples. The custom software can also easily integrate into a hospital’s existing IT infrastructure should the need arise. In the end, medical staff on the front lines are able to work more efficiently, and also safely. 

The Process

With the CaptureMax Software, each person’s ID serves as a way to instantly create a patient profile as previously mentioned. Whether in a testing or vaccination cycle, information is tracked and ready to use for any purpose. One of the biggest setbacks in the war on COVID-19 is the ability to quickly generate reports on current infections. Tracking the spread has been significantly impacted by this. With Honeywell and CaptureMax, centrally stored information can be pivotal in generating local, regional, or global heat maps to help monitor the virus in near real-time.

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The world is at war with an enemy that is invisible, and people are putting their lives on the line to ensure that it is won. If there is any way OCR Solutions can contribute to help protect front-line personnel, we will do it. That is why we have teamed up with Honeywell in order to develop a solution that will ultimately help manage the influx of new patients and tests.  

If you have a question about CaptureMax or any other products developed by OCR Solutions, do not hesitate to contact us today!