Integrating Invoice Capture into Acumatica’s ERP Platform

by | Feb 1, 2019 | Blog

With the rise of globalization in the marketplace, it is important to seek out any tools that can give your business the competitive edge it needs.

For many businesses, enterprise resource planning (ERP) is the solution that allows them to manage critical business functions within an integrated and centralized system.  

What is Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)?

ERP is useful in all parts of the industry from supply chain management, to manufacturing. Acumatica is a modern, cloud-based ERP system that is one of the most widely used solutions on the market.

The digitization of the workplace is what allows an organization to continue on the road to success. Centralized systems are one way this is being achieved while going paperless is another. Companies are moving past the days of paper filing cabinets that used to occupy office space and warehouses. Storing documents as PDFs’, scanned images or even e-mails is more than just a way to save space.

The Benefits of Digitizing Your Documents

Digitized documents can mean more to your organization than electronic copies of physical forms. All data is extracted for use with any required business processing. Combining this capability with an ERP solution is the key to many new possibilities for the success of your business.

Many companies understand how important it is to become a paperless entity. Keeping documents in a digital format has many advantages- they do not need large space for archiving, and they are easy to send and receive. OCR transforms these documents into searchable digital data for any business processing required.

How Acumatica Helps Your Business

Acumatica serves as a system that takes advantage of every opportunity to automate the workplace. Anytime there is a chance to remove manual data entry or processing saves time and money. Acumatica achieves this through what is known as Invoice Data Capture, or Invoice OCR. The invoice OCR process captures information from an invoice and sends it to the Acumatica software.

We Provide The Right Software For Your Company

OCR Solutions provides the invoice data capture technology that works with Acumatica.  Gone are the days of scanning flat images of invoices and manually entering data from them. This is tedious, time-consuming, and prone to human error. Users upload documents, and Invoice OCR captures data to be processed by Acumatica.

Invoice OCR implemented with Acumatica is designed to reduce the time needed to process invoices. Information can be matched against vendors and paid with hardly any human interaction. Data can also be used in excel spreadsheets, as well as other accounting or data analytics systems.

For many businesses, a majority of invoices are issued by only a handful of suppliers. Hundreds of recurring invoices can be received monthly just from these suppliers that need to be processed and paid. This can be true for eCommerce shops, the food and shipping industries, wholesale and even brick & mortar businesses. Invoice processing through Acumatica and invoice OCR streamlines workflow in accounts payable.

Modernize Your Business

Acumatica combined with invoice OCR technology is how you can modernize your business.  The accurate output from OCR invoice processing means that less time is pent manually re-keying data. Any business, large or small, can benefit. Acumatica streamlines your business processes with OCR capabilities.

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