Inventory Tracking Software For Retail Stores

by | Jul 8, 2020

Some businesses have been dealt a critical blow because of the COVID pandemic, and others have struggled to keep products on the shelf because of increased demand. Now that social distancing guidelines and restrictions are being eased, people will begin to come out of their homes to again patron their favorite stores. In order to effectively meet customer needs, it is important that you streamline business processes, such as inventory, as much as you can.

Automation is something that accomplishes just that but can be intimidating when it comes to the advanced equipment involved. OCR Solutions developed a software capable of automating store shelf inventory through the use of your mobile device.

OCR For Inventory

Tracking inventory, while critical to your business, has never been easy to do. There are numerous technologies that are available to choose from that will assist you in tracking what is in your warehouse’s pallet rack and store shelves. The problem is these technologies tend to come with steep learning curves.

Optical Character Recognition, or OCR, is a decades-old technology that allows a machine to recognize and understand written language.  Using an input device such as a scanner or mobile device along enables the ability to capture information that might otherwise have had to be typed in manually.

Technologies such as OCR capable mobile devices and scanners have made inventory management a more automated process, and businesses across the world have definitely benefited from it. Specialized equipment still comes at quite a business cost, and can be daunting for smaller businesses. This is Why OCR Solutions developed solutions like idMax and CaptureMax Cloud to optimize data accuracy and user experience.

Our Software 

Through the power of OCR, you are able to instantly capture information you would find on a product tag including SKU, price, and name of the product. The software engine will then automatically convert them into a digital format- all just using the powerful cameras most modern phones & tablets come equipped with. 

The user interface is extremely simple and straightforward. Once you open up the software, just point the display to the tag or item you want to capture. The engine will automatically capture pertinent information from the screen and crop out everything else on the image. OCR then processes all numbers, characters, and barcodes and converts them into a digital format for further processing. Almost instantly, you are ready to move on to the next tag. If you would like to see a demo of the software in action, please refer to the following video. As you can see, it is extremely intuitive and easy to use!

Mobility is not a limitation for the idMax software. Through using your mobile device’s wi-fi connection, inventory information that is captured can automatically be forwarded to whatever database or software you have configured over your existing infrastructure. The SDK also allows for customization in case you need expanded capability. 

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Here at OCR Solutions, we are constantly working toward researching and developing ways to improve your business. Inventory management is just one of the many solutions we specialize in. In the area of Optical Character Recognition and camera technologies, we are the best in the industry. If you have any questions about our inventory software or our other products, do not hesitate to reach out to us. Our support staff is waiting to hear from you, so contact us today!