Issues in CAD Drawing Management

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Engineers and designers spend many hours creating drawings for products The life of a drawing does not stop at design, as it will be used time and time again over the file of the product it represents.  CAD drawings are highly valuable, but for some reason, it is usually paper-equivalent drawings that are most commonly used in most business processes.

Due to reasons such as logistics, version control, and the proprietary nature of drawing content, an organization can end up managing lots of paper drawings well as their digital equivalents. Document management best practices suggest that documents such as drawings should be managed through searchable content based on metadata. Any information that you may find in  drawing such as the Drawing No., Title, Revision, and control numbers should be used to catalog and search CAD drawings.

The Solution is CADMax

OCR Solutions has created a product to address the need of issues in CAD drawing management. CADMax implements the first step in any successful document management program by allowing Optical Character Recognition, or OCR, of CAD drawings. Information on CAD drawings can be indexed and catalogued, and made easily searchable. Instead of engineers manually searching thousands of drawings for specific product information such as part numbers, required drawings and information can be obtained in minutes.

CADMax, which has a release timeframe of 2-3 months from now, will implement some of OCR Solutions’ best image recognition and scanning technologies. The software can be configured to actively monitor any folder on a local or network drive folder. Drawings that are dropped into this folder will be automatically processed by the CADMax software, and stored in a format where text is now editable and searchable. OCR has developed a proprietary algorithm that removes the drawing while keeping all the text in place. The system will then output an XML file with all the text and measurement information as well as their locations (X,Y Axis).

Reduce Document Overhead

There are many instances where a papert to CAD drawing conversion might become necessary. One all-too-common scenario involves an organization’s old architectural plans or technical drawings of products. These documents may need to be stored for legal or proprietary reasons, or maintained for future innovative projects. These documents are maintained in file cabinets and become more cumbersome to manage and resource as the years pile on.

Converting your drawings into a digital format that has gone through the OCR process makes your drawings searchable and more easily manageable. Critical information needed for projects can now be accessed in seconds instead of hours. You also now have backups of documents that could easily be lost in a fire or disaster, stolen, or even simply lost.

Compatibility and Customization

CADMax has the ability to be tuned and configured to every unique business. It functions with most TWAIN-compliant scanners, so your current fleet of scanners will have no problem working with CADMax. OCR Solutions also has engineers at the ready to fine-tune CADMax to improved quality and recognition of scans of older documents.

Should you require a new scanner, OCR Solutions can match you with the best document scanner in terms of quality and value based on your budget. Whether you are in the private or federal sector, OCR Solutions will make CADMax exceed your expectations in performance and value!

Contact Us Today!

CADMax is slated for release in the next 2-3 months. If you have any questions about CADMax or other products provided by OCR Solutions, do not hesitate to contact us. Our experts and engineers are ready to answer any questions you might have. We look forward to hearing from you and bringing the best in OCR recognition technologies to your business!




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