License Plate Reading

by | Mar 14, 2019 | Blog

OCR Solutions provides expertise and products that can be applied to many platforms and industries. One example of many is how our cameras and software can be used for License Plate Reading.

What is License Plate Reading?

License Plate Reading, also recognized as LPR or ANPR (automatic number plate recognition). Vehicle recognition or plate/license plate recognition, is the use of special computer hardware and software that will automatically read license plates without human intervention. This is leveraged by Optical Character Recognition (OCR) that is able to translate plate information into digital text.

The goal of license plate reading is to be able to accurately and efficiently identify vehicles, and capture data that can be used for processing. The use cases vary from industry to industry. For a business, this can be used to track registered vehicles in private parking.  When the vehicle drives up the surveillance camera captures its plate and automatically opens the gate. Government entities may use it to track down vehicles involved in crime.

License Plate Reading in Businesses

Why would a business, small or large, want to make use of LPR technologies?  One application includes traffic management in parking areas including access security. Cameras. Either equipped with appropriate software or paired with one, can accurately read plate information and convert them into a digital format.

The information collected from these cameras can be used for gate access, as well as flow control in parking spaces. Indexing and cataloging of potentially hundreds of vehicles can be accomplished with little to no human intervention autonomously. Vehicles that have overstayed a parking limit or do not have access to a specific space can be quickly identified. Businesses may also use cameras to capture information on vehicles involved in crimes against them.

License Plate Reading in Government Agencies

License Plate Reading has extensive use in the federal space. Police at the local and federal levels benefit from having plate reading capabilities in vehicles and buildings. The technology allows for police to deter, detect, and disrupt criminal activity as well as tackling vehicles that may be travelling across state lines.

As a vehicle passes a camera equipped with the right technology and software, the registration number is read and instantly compared to a database that tracks vehicles that may be of interest. Police or federal agents can then intercept a vehicle and take appropriate action. Stolen vehicles, uninsured vehicles, and vehicles involved in major crimes can be identified and instantly notify an officer.

Customization is Key

No one solution applies to every business. Whether you have cameras in place and want to implement plate recognition capability or install a full-range of cameras and software, there are products that can be used. It does not matter if it is in the private or federal sectors, there is a solution that can work for you.

If your organization currently has cameras in place you would like to make use of, OCR Solution’s custom software works with a variety of different makes/models to give you the ability to quickly read, track, and process vehicle plate information. Cameras that have proven capability can be purchased with the software solution as a single package. There are even cameras that have appropriate software already integrated into the hardware.

Let OCR Solutions Work for You, Contact Us Today!

Our experts at OCR Solutions are ready to tailor and engineer options that works for you. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. We are ready to bring plate recognition technologies to your business!


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