OCR and Honeywell join efforts to create a COVID touchless registration solution

by | Oct 16, 2020 | COVID Software Solution

For Immediate Release

In the wake of a global Pandemic, OCR Solution’s has created an innovative software to help deal with Covid-19. The CaptureMax Healthcare application utilizes the company’s existing CaptureMax (IdMax) ID reading software to create a touchless data capture solution to record patient information for the testing and virus tracking efforts. CaptureMax reads and captures information from any national and international photo ID, including passports, drivers licenses and insurance cards. The system also has the capability to read credit cards. Understanding that the main form of spreading the virus is through physical contact, including objects, OCR Solutions knew it has the perfect technology to create a scalable application that targets controlling the spread of the virus.

CaptureMax Healthcare is a far-reaching global solution that helps the Medical field and government agencies. In order to scale this tracking system quickly, OCR Solutions joined forces with Honeywell’s powerful mobile hardware to create a ready to use device that can document and track Covid-19. Although the software solution can work with various mobile devices or computers with attached scanners, the OCR Honeywell joint effort allows extremely fast global deployment of a turnkey system. CaptureMax healthcare systems can be deployed in a manner of days and are production ready upon receipt of all the hardware. Honeywell’s CT40 and CT60 Handheld mobile computers allow testing facilities to take a drive-through approach. The device uses cellular data or wi-fi to transmit information in real-time. The Honeywell powerful RP series mobile printers have been enabled to use captured information wirelessly such as name, date of birth, ID number and more in order to print a label together with a barcode that is placed on the testing vial and patient record.

The mobile and cloud combo solution was designed to capture the patients ID information without the need to be handled by any other person other than the patient. The patient can just hold up their ID and register in seconds! It captures the ID image, extracts its data and automatically pre-populates a cloud database with patient information and their collected vitals; all the information is sent in real time to a central (or national) data base and/or existing EHR applications. In addition, this mobile and cloud hybrid system generates statistics and heat maps of infected areas by using Google Maps.  This real time information is crucial to avoid recontamination between countries, states, cities and even neighborhood blocks. Authorities can now allocate ventilators and other medical needs easier and faster than ever before.

The partnership between OCR Solutions and Honeywell International, LLC, will help testing sites to do their job faster. It will also allow a real-time heatmap of outbreaks to be developed.


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