OCR Document Reading

OCR Smart Enterprise is a state-of-the-art document and form reading software that uses OCR, ICR, OMR, barcode recognition, form classification, form recognition, unstructured form recognition and invoice recognition in order to reduce the cost and time required to image, capture, and enter data from paper to databases.

OCR Document & Form Reading Software

The system allows you to apply OCR, ICR, OMR, barcode reading to any known form (structured reading), or forms of varying layouts (semi-structured or some unstructured forms).

You can use the low cost starter package to handle low volume, or scale up to process any volume, even hundreds of millions of forms can be read, imaged, and captured by our software.

  • Automated System: Scan in the document the system will automatically process and extract its data and place it directly into your database or document management system
  • See all you need in our user friendly dashboard design
  • Easy to install and manage
  • Flexible data output: The system gives you the extracted data in XML, CSV or any other custom output you chose. In addition it can be configured to give you a searchable PDF for the image.
  • Process any type of document in one system – our software can be configured to recognize any document, invoices, medical forms, financial forms, purchase orders and much more
  • Flexibility: Floating license structure allows several users to work on the system by sharing a license key
  • Self-learning – OCR Smart learns as you go by remembering changes and corrections you make to a form when verifying its information
  • Scalability: the OCR data capture system was made with growth in mind, add as many stations as needed to support your growth.

How the system works:


Uploading the images/documents

The OCR Smart form reading and data capture software was made with the user in mind. All you need is right in front of you. The system can be configured to grab images from email, scanner, “hot folder”, manual upload, fax and more. Once the documents are in the system,  you can see them as thumbnails and watch as the system automatically processes the documents and extracts their data. Documents that are highlighted in red have not passed predefined rules and let the operator know immediately that they will need attention.

OCR processing
OCR processing


Advanced OCR Dashboard

Our goal in designing this form and document reading software was to make it extremely user friendly. If it isn’t send us a note!

The OCR Smart dashboard has everything an operator needs directly in front of them while using the form data capture and imaging software. The dashboard allows the user to load, monitor, verify information, fix bad characters and fields using a point and click interface.


OCR Capture Module

The optical character recognition module is the heart of the system that extracts the data from the document. This process begins immediately when an image is loaded into the system.

 The system is exceptionally accurate in extracting line item detail for invoices, purchase orders, EOB’s and more.

Dynamic Data Capture

This is by far the most beneficial cutting edge feature the system has. OCR Smart is not like other form or document reading and imaging software, where you need to define specific fields. The system will dynamically look for fields on any document no matter where they are! Programming the system is extremely simple, just input the field you need to capture such as “Date”, “Company”, “Total” etc. and the system will intelligently find the information on the page.

Dynamic Capture Fields
Dynamic Capture Fields

Verification Module

The OCR Verification module allows the operator to review all extracted data or just data. The system automatically assigns a quality score to information extracted. If a field or character has a low quality score it will be highlighted in red. Low quality scores come from our proprietary voting system and show the user low confidence characters. During verification the cursor will stop only on low confidence characters unless the user would like to visually verify each field. If a document passed all the preprogrammed tests for a successful read, the operator will see the document is marked in green and does not have to verify it.

Export Module

Once verification is done the system will export the data and images to your designated location. OCR Smart can be configured to give you the output file of your choice. Images can be exported into a searchable PDF and data to ASCCII, CSV, XML or any other needed format.



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