OCR for Medical Billing

OCR Medical System – OCR for Medical Billing and Data Capture

At OCR Solutions, we’re proud to offer our data capture software for the medical industry.This document scanning system is per-programmed to support health claims processing forms, including UB 04, HCFA 1500 and other forms. The system is designed to work straight out of the box and can be easily integrated into your environment. It’s important to mention that HIPAA regulated EDI 837 output is already included in the package along with CSV and XML output that can be customized for your exact needs. Additionally, we understand that every organization may have its own unique forms and data output format that need to be programmed for your specific operation. OCR Data Capture Systems are flexible and have everything you need to accommodate your organization’s unique needs.

Medical billing is a labor-intensive process, which comes as no surprise to people in this industry. Contributing to this challenge are inconsistent processes and outcomes. Keys to alleviating this challenge include good management, increased automation and appropriate tracking and accountability. OCR Solutions has taken these issues into consideration and has created the OCR Medical System that will automatically take in HCFA 1500 and UB04 forms and extract their data.

  • Automates your process
  • Minimizes data entry errors
  • Organizes documents for fast retrieval
  • Save an enormous amount of time and money


Templates – Document Recognition

The OCR for medical billing is predefined to automatically recognize medical forms. There is no need to learn the software and how to add templates to it. If you do however have specific forms that need to be recognized by the system, we give you the ability to do so.


Medical Forms

Our team of professionals has a vast amount of experience in the medical forms arena. Our OCR software can upload your 1500, HCFA, UB04 or any proprietary form you need and process it within seconds!

Document Capture and Input

There are three ways to add documents to the system for processing.

  1. Scan directly into the system – Our added TWAIN capability allows you to connect a scanner that uses a TWAIN driver (most scanners today are TWAIN enabled) directly to the computer and scan in documents.
  2. Manual Upload – If the images are already scanned into your computer or located on a shared drive the system allows you to choose the images and queue them for processing.
  3. Hot Folder – This method lets you choose a network or local folder to designate to the system. The system will constantly check the folder for images and when a new document arrives it will automatically send it to our processing station for data extraction.



The verification phase of this system goes hand in hand with OCR software. As we all know, OCR is only as accurate as we program it and does not have the ability to make judgment calls like a human. The software has a unique ability to increase accuracy by cross checking information. Below is a small sample of helpful features we have added along the years that increase data accuracy and decrease processing time.
Address information can be cross referenced within our integrated US Postal database. The system is also capable of cross referencing billing codes and other information. This can be easily configured to your exact needs.

Optical Mark Recognition combined with a database of options for every field force the verifier to input the right information every time.


EXPORT Capability

Our OCR Data Capture Solution is a highly flexible software that can be configured to output any file format you need. The output can be ASCII, XML, Excel, Searchable PDF and more. The software is also capable of creating a file structure using information taken from the OCR such as Document Name, Serial Number, Date and any other information. The system can create folders and place documents processed in those folders based on the parameters you have.

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