OCR Solutions for the Automotive Industry

In all facets of the automotive industry, from manufacturing to sales, businesses must streamline their practices while still ensuring quality. Though parts of the manufacturing and sales process may be time consuming and error prone, many new and innovative technological solutions can help automotive business owners save time and money.

At OCR Solutions, we design and implement advanced systems to ensure quality and efficiency in the automotive industry. Using Optical Character Recognition, or OCR, our platforms will help streamline the manufacture and dealership procedures. With OCR, each element of a captured image is transformed into digital and workable text.


In the highly competitive automotive industry, manufacturers must ensure efficiency to gain an advantage. All parts of the process, from receiving, to casting, and shipping, must work seamlessly to make a quality product and improve profits. Any mistakes along the production line can halt manufacturing and thus, halt revenue. Furthermore, product errors can lead to serious safety concerns for vehicles currently on the road.

Our solutions help manufacturers from beginning to end. When parts arrive in the facility, the OCR system reads any corresponding barcodes and character codes in order to track and trace the product throughout production. The OCR software scans the data and automatically inputs the information into the storage database. As the part moves along the assembly line, the OCR system will continue to track its progress. Thus, users can see where the item has been and where it will be going.


Using OCR’s document capture solutions, information can immediately be input into your dealership management or finance systems for a quick, yet accurate, sales process. Using idMax, the information captured from a customer’s identification can be parsed out and automatically entered into the required fields. The data can also be used for customer follow-ups, which can lead to future sales.

Lengthy sales contracts or leases can also be scanned into the OCR system and immediately transformed into a workable document. The contract can be stored, edited, and shared without the need for re-typing every word. After completion, the documents can be classified, sorted, and added to a customer file, for ease of retrieval. Using our solutions, documents can even be added to a file remotely.

This process eliminates the need for manual data entry, which is time consuming and often prone to errors. Customers can enjoy a speedy, yet accurate car buying experience, while your dealership enjoys increased revenue.