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First dual side ID 1 scanner with a forensic image resolution of 1,300 dpiThe revolutionary step of the brand-new ID-1 GO is its resolution: The new scanner delivers images with a resolution of 1300 dpi, which is up to twice the quality of comparable devices.

Your Advantages:

This outstanding high resolution makes it possible to draw immediate conclusions about the printing technology of the ID document, which is one of the key criteria for identifying manipulated and forged documents. The zoom factor reveals even extremely small details in the microprint. These are precisely the areas where forgers reach their limits, so anomalies here can be identified quickly.

  • Incredibly precise resolution of 1,300 dpi
  • Generating six images under three light sources (visible, IR and UV)
  • Ultra fast scan time
  • Read all data in just one go – image scans, OCR, barcode, magnetic stripe, contact chip
    card and RFID


Whether as a desktop device or as an installation for integration in counters, gates and kiosks: as a clever ID-1 scanner, this compact device is extremely easy to use. Depending on the available space, the ID-1 GO can be used lying flat or upright. The device’s orientation does not impact its functionality. As the user, all you have to do is introduce the ID-1 document into the scanner – the ID-1 GO takes care of the rest by itself. All available data is automatically read out and transferred to your software application where it can be used for further data processing.


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ID-1 Scanner 1,300 dpi

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ID-1 Scanner


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