The SabreCam Pro Passport Reader is an all-in-one passport and ID solution* is for any application where fast data entry and verification is required

Combo Smart is a compact, full page passport scanner in a stylish housing, ideal for various governmental and commercial applications. Optional features like RFID (e-passports), magnetic stripe and smartcard modules are additional add-on available options. The special reflection-free optical system ensures accurate OCR reading.

* ID Software included for additional $ 399.00



Reading and authenticating passports, 10 cards, visas and boarding passes at airports, other border crossing points and in any law enforcement application


Fast data entry at hotels’ check-in desk, car rental, banks, telecommunication companies

Age verification at retail shops, night clubs, casinos and more


  • Automatic document detection
  • OCR add on to reads virtually any document
  • Optional  UV, magnetic stripe, contact smartcard and RFIO add ons
  • Reads 10 and 20 bar codes from printed documents and mobile phones
  • Reflection-free optical system ensures higher OCR accuracy
  • Automatic face comparison – checks whether the printed face photo and the photo in the e-passport chip are the same
  • Two USB ports for connecting external devices
  • SAM slots
  • Uniquely compact size and ergonomic design
  • Maintenance-free operation: no moving parts, no consumables

Technical Specifications

  • Illuminations
  • Image resolution: 500 DPI
  • Image colour depth: 24 bits/pixels RGB, 8 bits/pixels 

Optical Specifications

  • Image resolution: 500 DPI
  • Image color depth: 24 bits/pixels RGB, 8 bits/pixels (Infra image)

Mechanical Data

  • Size (without cover): 177 X 175 x 90 mm (6,97″ x 6,88″ x 3,54″)
  • Case: ABS-PC plastic
  • Operating temperature: +5°C to +45°C (4S0F to 113°F)
  • Operating humidity: 0-95% (non-condensing)
  • Maintenance-free: no moving parts
  • Kensington® security slot
  • Case: ABS-PC plastic
  • Operating temperature: +5°C to +45°C (41°F to 113°F)
  • Operating humidity: 0-95% (non-condensing)
  • No moving parts

Other Specifications

  • Interface: USB 2.0
  • Two USB2.0 ports for external devices
  • Two SAM slots for storing PKI certificates
  • Four status LEDs. Three are programmable
  • Power – external power supply (included: 100-240V AC, SO/60Hz)
  • PRFID –  Module (Type R Devices)
  • PRFID All Combo Smart configurations are available with, or without RRD mcx:lule (Optional)
  • Single-step reading: RFID chip is detected in every position within the passport
  • Supported RFID chip types: All ISO 14443 A/B
  • Active/passive authentication; BACIEAC support included Smart Card Module (type S devices)
  • All SabreScan Pro configurations are available with, or without Smart Card module
  • Supported standards: ISO 7816 & EMV2 2000 Levell
  • Supported card types: ISO 7816 Class A, AB and C

Magnetic Stripe module (type M) (Optional)

  • All configurations are available with, or without Magnetic Stripe module
  • Supported standards: reads data that meets relevant ANSI/ISO/ AAMVA standards

Advanced Document Authentication Module (ADAM) (Optional)

  • MRZ checksum validation
  • MRZ compares to VIZ (optional)
  • Printed MRZ compares to MRZ stored in RFID chip
  • Printed face photo compares to photo stored in RFID chip -DG2- (devices with RFID)
  • Expiry date check
  • B900 ink check
  • UV dull paper check (devices with UV light)
  • Automatic pattern matching under Normal, UV and R light (optional)

Supported OS

  • Windows® 7 (32/64bit), Vista (32/64bit), XP (32/64bit), Server 2003 (32/64bit), Server 2008 R2 (32/64bit)
  • linux® (optional)

Programming languages

  • C/ C++, C#, Java and more

Image format

  • BMP, JPG, JPG2000, PNG

Technical specifications are subject to change

SabreCam Pro Passport Reader


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SabreCam Pro Passport Reader


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