SabreKiosk PRO ID Reader for Kiosk Integration


The SabreKiosk PRO ID Reader for Kiosk Integration has FULL PAGE PASSPORT  support and includes a special feature that blocks strong ambient light that causes issues with document scanning.

Adverse light conditions have been an issue for most technology integrators who are working with e-gates or kiosks where usually hoodless scanners are installed. Direct sunlight or strong artificial light cause glare thus interfering with the image quatlity produced. Both OCR and authentication results are greatly affected by ambient light. Critical applications in real life situations depend on accurate information specifically when the passenger flow or the security of payment transactions depend on such technology. This scanner is the most robust and rugged solution we have for the job. 


  • SabreKiosk PRO offers:

                Low data entry errors

                High speed for continuous user flow

                Ultra-compact form factor, takes minimal space

                Easy Kiosk integrability: simple shape and mounting design

                Extremely long lifetime due to no moving parts and hermetically sealed design

  • SabreKiosk PRO is ideal for:

               ABC – automated border crossing 

              Airline check-in kiosks 

              Self-service environments 

              Vending machine applications

              Medical Kiosks 

              Much more!

Technical Specifications of SabreKiosk PRO

  • Active Scan Area – 130 mm × 90 mm (5.12″ × 3.54″)
  • Illumination Sources – LED visible white, IR (B900), UVA (optional)
  • Image Resolution – 500 PPI
  • Provided Images – Visible, IR, OVD image, glare-free image, UV image (optional)
  • Image Formats – BMP, JPG, JPG2000 and PNG
  • Image Color Depth – 24 bits/pixels [RGB, 8 bits/pixels (IR image)
  • Weight – 1.0 kg (2.15 lbs.)
  • Operating Temperature  5 °C to 40 °C (41 °F to 104 °F)
  • Operating Humidity 0-90 % (non-condensing)
  • Power supply 12 V DC
  • IP rate IP53
  • Sturdy ABS plastic
  • Window glass – 5.5 mm normal glass



No moving parts, maintenance-free operation Warranty – 12 months warranty, upgrade-able

SabreKiosk PRO ID Reader for Kiosk Integration


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SabreKiosk PRO ID Reader for Kiosk Integration


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