AD125 Document Scanner

25 PPM Document Scanner

The small but powerful Avision AD125 can scan full color double sided (duplex) documents at a speed ofupto25ppm and 50 ipm in 200 dpi. This scanner boasts an advanced 50-sheet capacity auto document feeder. Every AD125 scanner has a cutting edge CCD sensor that produces high quality scans. This is a reasonably priced impressive scanner that will get the job done.  


  • Fast scans of up to 25 PPM (Pages Per Minute) and 40 images per minute
  • 20-page Auto Document Feeder
  • Front and Rear Feeder
  • Auto power off setting
  • Auto crop and straighten a skew document
  • Long page scanning: 118” (<300 dpi, color)
  • Press and scan to cloud servers
  • Press and paste your scanned image directly to your text editor
  • Earth-friendly LED technology

Button Manager  

Avision’s newly developed Button Manager V2, allows you to scan both sides of a page directly to a PDF, searchable PDF, JPEG or to other applications like Word or Excel® with a press of a button. The AD215 scanner automatically recognizes document size and is able to straighten, deskew and show images in proper orientation. The button manager sends a scanned image to your specified destination such as PDF, printer, e-mail, image editing software application. Send items to Google Drive, Dropbox, SharePoint or more!

Scan speed of 25PPM / 50 IPM

The AD125 performs at scan rates of 25 pages per minutes in simplex mode and 50 images per minutes in duplex mode at 200 dpi in color mode. The scanner has an auto-crop feature that allows various size pages to be scanned together without having to worry about spending time on formatting images after a document scan.  

Automatic Document Feeder  

The 50-page capacity Automatic Document Feeder has a 3,000 pages per day duty cycle. The Avision AD125 can be utilized many applications requiring a frequent amount of document scanning.

Perfect Size

This scanner has a space-saving design of only 12.1 x 6.2 x 5.7 in (308 mm x 156 mm x 145 mm). The AD125 easily fits in most front office environments. When not in use the scanner folds up nicely and can be pushed aside for space saving.  

What we have bundled  

The AD215 series has TWAIN and ISIS drivers along with a suite of powerful software applications. This includes:

  • Avision Button Manager V2
  • AVScan X
  • Nuance PaperPort SE 14.  

Create searchable PDFs, scan and send images to an e-mail, printer, or other destinations with a simple press of the Scan button. The bundle gives you a full solution of image processing and document management software to increase productivity.  The AVScan V5 and ScanSoft PaperPort are highly effective image processing and document management software that helps you streamline digitization of your documents.

Technically challenged? We offer free installation and configuration of your scanner through a remote session. 

Avision AD125


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