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Server Based OCR Document Capture and Classification Software

Cutting edge advanced capture and classification software solution to fit the demanding high-volume and highly complex applications that are used in your daily operations.

Server based OCR Document Capture and Classification Software is perfect for automatically collecting, identifying, and capturing great amounts of semi-structured and structured documents. With this product, data extraction and verification is seamlessly integrated with large ranges of document management, content management and database applications.

This integrated system does the processing and data extraction before the document is sent to the user. Once received the user validates low confidence characters and then exports the data in XML, comma delimited or several other optional formats into your system.

This system’s advanced capture and classification abilities are an upgrade from the entry level document and data capture software.

This product is integral in a company’s archival, document management, and ERP systems. It also complies with government regulations,
has a positive effect on customer relations, and increases both speed and accuracy in a company’s system.

Locally or remotely, any user can easily import documents from various hardware sources. These sources include scanners, networked MFP’s,
and fax servers. The flexibility, automation, distribution of the workload, and security features all contribute to the
scalability of this advanced product.

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OCR Document and Data Capture Software

Stop spending excessive amounts of time and money manually entering data from electronic and paper client forms into your system.
OCR Document and Data Capture is your company’s next big step towards maximizing productivity without the hassle of extensive labor
force training or costly integration.

This product can quickly classify and read documents as the operator processes them. Adding document images from multifunction printers,
desktop and department scanners, and fax servers is very simple using the scanning station. in its collection of both electronic and
paper documents. Sources can be classified and organized by type of document. Some examples of classifications include invoices,
purchase orders, and bills of lading. These default profiles can be used, or one can also customize their profiles.

Lastly, this product is capable of self-learning. As you begin to process a larger amount of documents, it becomes more intelligent.

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Medical Document Capture

This product is a trouble-free system that allows medical claim data to be relayed to back-end systems without manual data entry.
The product will capture and verify professional claim forms, and institutional claim forms. These forms include HCFA-1500, CMS-1500,
UB-04, and UB-92.

This product uses client-server architecture to eliminate manual data entry errors, speed up the claim process while being compliant with HIPAA.

The latest release includes business rules for recognition, validation, and export of data configured in the system. The software eliminates costly,
error-prone manual data entry, accelerates claim processing and delivers the data to your back-end systems in the HIPAA-compliant 837 data format.


  • Reduce claim processing time
  • Reduce the overall cost of processing HCFA and UB forms
  • Immediate ROI
  • No more manual entry
  • Fast and easy deployment timeline
  • Increased accuracy
  • Pre-configured to handle many complex forms
  • Integrates out of the box with most practice management systems
  • Merges paper and digital content seamlessly
  • Allows central management of business workflow
  • Distribute and balance the workload

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