Onboarding Made Easy: The Power of idMax™ OCR Technology

by | Jun 4, 2024

Current market demands have led companies to adopt and implement digital technologies like Optical Character Recognition (OCR) across all sectors, aiming for more agile deliveries and improved performance – making them leaner, more efficient, and more productive – in order to satisfy their target customers.

In this sense, the client onboarding process has taken on a prominent role within organizations, who are constantly looking for ways of providing trust and increased security for a simple user experience which in turn creates loyalty and trust.

idMax™ – an Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software developed by OCR Solutions – has become a powerful tool for companies seeking to enhance the client onboarding process with efficient OCR solutions.
The software converts images to text from an ID image through the mobile phone’s camera.
Instead of starting the client onboarding process by subjecting the client to manual filling of numerous fields in a registration form – which can be extremely inconvenient when done directly on the mobile device’s screen – idMax™ gives developers the power to seamlessly integrate into an existing system.

The software can be run on a server on the back end or directly on a mobile device, making it an ideal mobile OCR software solution.

This now enables automatic filling of all possible fields, adding agility and consistency to the client onboarding process while delivering a much more pleasant user experience. 

idMax™ offers numerous benefits, including:

  1. Speed and Accuracy: software uses our proprietary OCR engine allowing it to deliver fast and accurate readings
  2. Scalability: it grows along with your company’s needs.

  3. Highly customizable: add notes and status to visitors. Add different status names per business needs. Add/hide columns on the DB, change naming on the columns, and download data in various file formats as per business needs.
  4. Flexibility: works on Android, iOS, Linux, Win32, and Win64.
  5. Easily integrates into your application on your enterprise server or ours.
  6. Software has a Rest API allowing it to parse information to you or your client’s system.

  7. Scan and extract data on a click from 3,800 different documents from worldwide and also read barcodes, credit cards, and MRZ. 
  8. Developers can make use of our SDK and run our software on the back end of an existing system to automate data entry effectively.
  9. End users can easily have the software working as a turnkey solution.


Reduce manual work within your digital workflow and automate data entry seamlessly!

Contact OCR Solutions and understand how idMax™ can contribute to your business.