Patient Check-in Software For Post COVID-19

by | Jul 8, 2020 | Blog

The battle against COVID-19 has been a tremendously difficult one. In just a few months over 100,000 of our own American citizens have fallen victim to an invisible enemy, and our medical professionals on the frontlines are perhaps some of the most vulnerable by exposure alone. We must do everything we can to protect doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals who have been given the task of fighting a war against one of the most vicious pandemics we have ever seen. 

Keeping exposure to a minimum whenever possible is just one way to keep front-line workers safe, and OCR Solutions developed CaptureMax and other software with that goal in mind.

The Importance of Contactless Registration

As fast and stealthily as COVID-19 spreads, every point of contact between the infected and uninfected can become a catalyst for transmission. This is why social distancing and Drive-Thru testing were implemented to try to curb the spread. Even with these measures,  Something as simple as having a patient fill out forms and passing it back to a nurse can still spread the virus. Handling an infected individual’s ID or insurance card can have the same effect. This is why it is important to go to a completely digital platform.

Reducing contact between patients and medical professionals can easily be accomplished just by utilizing something most everyone has. Using just a phone or mobile device, a patient has all the technology in the world to successfully provide any pertinent information before treatment including registration, ID and insurance capture, and more. OCR Solutions’ CaptureMax is the vehicle that makes this possible.

Digital Patient Management

CaptureMax is a custom disease management application created with the intent of limiting contact between potentially positive COVID patients and healthcare professionals. Rather than having a new patient fill out registration forms and hand-over identification, CaptureMax allows for a phone or mobile device to prefill application/identification data through advanced OCR scanning technology. Through a configured portal or application, an incoming patient will go ahead and point a view field toward what he/she is trying to capture such as a driver’s license. data is then recognized and converted into a digital format that can then be used to pre-fill application and registration forms that can be printed out in a clean/secure location without a potentially infected person handling it. This can also easily be accomplished from a patient’s vehicle, giving you the option to limit spread and contact with surfaces inside a building.

How it works:

  • The patient holds their card out (It can even be on the car glass)
  • Nurse or Intake Professional opens up the CaptureMax application and takes a picture of the card.
  • OCR’s powerful algorithm extracts the data from the ID and places it in the proper fields
  • The patient or client is automatically registered
  • Additional fields can be added such as Temperature, Notes, Email etc.
  • Once the user verifies the data it is sent to the cloud server and stored in the database
  • There is an optional “Print” button in case you need to print a label


Containing the Spread

Using CaptureMax, your medical facility or business can adopt vehicle check-in for all potentially infected patients. Many urgent care centers have already opted for such a platform as it greatly reduces the risk of infection by isolating patients from each other and from medical workers. This allows for a volume approach to testing that might not otherwise be possible with social distancing regulation in place. 

Reach out to us!

OCR Solutions is diligently working on developing new solutions to support healthcare professionals across America fighting COVID-19. Not only does opting for a digital in-processing approach accomplish help expedite testing, but it also protects patients and healthcare professionals alike. If you have a question about CaptureMax or other products at OCR Solutions, we’d love to hear from you. Please contact us today!

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