Network PENTA Scanner


Multifunctional Full-Page Scanner Optimized for Integration

The Network PENTA Scanner is a networked document scanner specifically designed for an easy integration in gates, kiosks and other locations far from a networked computer.

The camera scanner is designed to handle all size restrictions and integration challenges. This state-of-the-art scan technology achieves fast and effective read results from passports, ID cards, visas, drivers´ licenses, paper, electronic barcodes, RFID documents, and even NFC reading.

Standard Features

  • Passport and ID document  scanner (IR, VIS)
  • NFC/RFID technology
  • Integrated barcode engine for 1D and 2D barcode reading, from smartwatches, smartphones and even large tablets
  • Scalable resolution up to 500 dpi
  • OCR Passport and ID reader (1, 2 & 3-line MRZ)
  • China ID Reading Module: integrated RFID module specifically designed for reading China National ID Card
  • Extra large scan window, extremely user friendly
  • IP54 certification on entire device (water and dust resistant)
  • Machine-readable Zone (OCR): ISO/IEC 7501-1, ICAO 9303 and ISO 18013
  • Light Sources: IR and visible Light
  • Security Glass: Corning® Gorilla® Glass 3
  • Programmable multicolor status LED and user guidence LED (triangle)
  • Volume control buzzer
  • USB interface
  • SDK with sample code
  • Cables: 1x USB, 1x power supply

Network Interface – Additional $300

  • Embedded  Raspberry Pi 4 board
  • Integrated LAN and WLAN
  • Access PENTA Scanner via network (Rest API)
  • Embedded in PENTA Scanner housing
  • Powered via PENTA Scanner (no extra power supply)
  • PENTA Scanner only accessible via LAN port, no USB interface

RFID Module for PENTA Scanner Cube – $250

UV Module for PENTA Scanner Cube – $150