PENTA Scanner



of IDs, passports and other documents

Depending on the model, our PENTA Scanner scans, captures and processes the data and images from the following documents, for example:


for optimal security

As a multi-functional full-page scanner with a large scan area, the PENTA Scanner is suitable for reliable reading of many documents such as IDs, passports, driver’s licenses and lots more.

Its high-quality scan technology delivers first-class image quality and guarantees efficient work processes. Additional features/equipment are available optionally. In this way, you can set up PENTA Scanner entirely to suit your individual needs and requirements:

Various light sources

By default, the device is equipped to work with visible light and infrared light. The optional UV light source enables reliable and complete authentication of the ID by revealing the document’s “hidden” security features.

OCR technology

As a standard feature, the device operates using OCR for optical character recognition, reliably reading all data from the machine-readable (MRZ) and visual zone (VIZ).

Barcode reader

1D and 2D barcodes can be read either from paper or from digital displays, for example on smartphone


In order to read RFID chips (Radio Frequency Identification) on biometric passes, an RFID module can be integrated.


For contactless data capture, the terminal can be equipped with an NFC module (Near Field Communication). This leaves you ideally prepared for future requirements as well.

Magnetic strip reader

A bidirectional swipe reader on the front of the device for reading magnetic strip cards.

Chip card reader

A module for reading chip cards/smart cards can also be integrated.


The PENTA Scanner impresses with its compact design and sturdy construction evident in features such as the scratch-proof safety glass of the scan window. It is also comparably small and can be integrated easily into any work environment from the reception desk at a casino to bank counters or desks at law firms or notarial offices. Different holders for attachment on the wall or floor enable secure and easy installation in any location. Operation is equally convenient: The user-friendly application ensures easy handling.

Optional Equipment:

  • Light sources: UV light for checking security features/authentication
  • Barcode reader: For scanning 1D and 2D barcodes on paper and digital displays (smart watches, smartphones, tablets), e.g. boarding passes and tickets
  • Magnetic strip reader (MSR): To read cards with magnetic strips, e.g. frequent flyer cards, bank cards and credit cards
  • RFID module: To read biometric passports
  • China ID reading module: An integrated RFID module specifically for reading Chinese IDs
  • NFC module: For contactless reading, for example employee ID cards
  • Chip card reader: For reading smart cards such as credit and debit cards
  • SAM: Integrated Secure Access Module specifically for reading SAM cards
  • Display: Full graphics display
  • Integrated PC: Fully functional Windows PC