Unlike our competition, VirtualScan does not charge for a license transfer. If one of your computers is either no longer in use or re-purposed VirtualScan licensing is easy to move and there is not cost to doing so. The developers of VirtualScan believe that once you buy a key it belongs to you and there is no need to purchase the same key again. We know this is very odd logic for our competition to understand but it just seems right.

All licenses for the VirtualScan Remote Scanning system are centrally managed on the VirtualScan Server UI. Just open the UI on the server, click on the old computer name, right click and then hit “Remove Host”. It is that simple. Once the station is taken off, your license count will decrease by 1 leaving a free license to use on the system. When a new computer joins it will take up the free license thus allowing you to save money and administer you own remote scanning system without any hassle.