The scanMax Web Server SDK

scanMax™ is a web developer tool that enables scanning to web browsers that run in a Windows environment. After scanning, the scanMax software uploads the scanned image(s) to the web server. scanMax lets developers control any scanner or TWAIN-enabled device in a web application using an advanced protocol. The software captures and scans documents for display directly into you web application. Once the image is captured the developer can add our idMax or Form reading applications to extract data directly into the hosted web application.

In today’s cloud based world where many applications are hosted on a web server, it’s important to support electronic document retention. There are so many web applications that cross an unlimited amount of vertical markets that are missing the one component of being able to scan directly to a record. Some industry examples are:

  • Medical EMR/EHR We’ll link these to each of the internal pages
  • Contact Management Systems
  • HR Systems
  • Financial
  • Banking
  • Accounting
  • Government
  • Military
  • Manufacturing


Cloud software is widely used by many industries and was always missing the ability to scan directly into a web application. Electronic document retention is no longer a nice to have but a must have for records management and compliance. scanMax enables users in different offices and cities to collaborate share documents in real time since they are stored on centralized web servers.

scanMax is a scanning software development tool designed to work with any TWAIN scanner. The software is not based on Java or ActiveX but a proprietary method that is designed to get around the need to auto update the software on a constant basis. Just download the small client onto your PC and scan a document or ID using any TWAIN-compatible device. This tool will automatically upload a document image directly to your web server.

scanMax was programmed to be user friendly and can be easily integrated into any web application. The software comes with a developer’s manual that is extremely simple to use and program making scanMax the ultimate web scanning SDK on the market today.

Quickly integrate web scanning functionality into enterprise web-based document management solutions

  • Preprogram TWAIN capabilities or use the local scanner’s user interface
  • Scan directly from a TWAIN device into browser-based applications
  • Utilizes small executable that installs on the client machine that handles client interaction with local TWAIN drivers
  • Works on virtually any TWAIN scanner connected to a PC or Laptop
  • Save scanned images as any file format PDF, TIFF, JPEG, JPEG etc.
  • Multi-thread support for maximum performance
  • Works with automated document feeder (ADF) scanners for single and multi-page scanning
  • Scan both front and back of page with duplex scanning
  • Capture barcode, patch code, MICR, and other information, use our OCR Module to parse data from this media


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