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  • 11 – 25 Keys: $188 / key
  • 26 – 50 Keys: $164 / key
  • 51+ Keys: $142 / key

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Product Description

The Best ID Reading Software Available!

idMax is an advanced image processing suite that can save you time and money immediately upon implementation.

Optical character recognition, mostly referred to as OCR, is the process of extracting data from a scanned image. This system is widely used to convert documents into electronic files that can easily be stored on a system. OCR is also known for its ability to read barcodes but its power lies in the ability to read a document within seconds and save time and money by minimizing the need for data entry. OCR is a very powerful tool and has come a long way since its inception.

In reading ID and passport data, we have taken a very different approach. Instead of relying solely on the mag stripe or 2D barcode in order to extract the data, our system is able to read the card exactly like the human eye. Not only does the information on the card turn into readable data, but the system can also crop any image from the card and save it as a separate file. That is why InfoScan is the best ID Reading Software Available!

idMax is a cutting edge OCR ID reading software that takes a drivers license or ID and parses out data from that card into our system or an external system of your choice. The system lets you use any TWAIN compliant scanner but we do recommend using the SabreCam ID scanner which can be used as a visitor management or customer database application.

The idMax Database solution includes a database, when a card is scanned it creates an account that allows you to add additional images such as documents, checks, and more. Once an ID is scanned the system automatically assigns a time and date stamp you can use for reference. The system is scaleable and can be used on a local computer or as a full software solution on a server. Just execute the ID scan and our software will effortlessly extract the information into a database for a future lookup. ID Reading software has never been easier!

Save time and money in your business process as well as keep your operation in compliance by saving transaction data and images.

idMax Database is so flexible that it can be used in any industry. Once you scan in an ID it creates a file that you can scan any document into such as checks, receipts, pictures and more! When an account is created you can go back to it using the powerful search tool embedded in the software.

The database offers many features found in high priced ID Reading Software such as:

  • Adding images or documents to a file
  • Exports information to Excel, Comma Delimited or XML files
  • Personalize the application with your own logo and color scheme
  • Add customized columns that are specific for you operation
  • Auto calculates age
  • Open a document already saved in the database
  • Configure access level

Avoid over $1,000 in fines, legal fees and lost time (first offense) ! Having your business license revoked threatens to put you out of business!

Target industry uses:
• Fund transfers
• Credit applications
• Opening bank accounts
• Check cashing
• Nightclubs
• Bars
• Casinos
• Liquor stores
• Convenience stores
• Supermarkets
• And more


  • ID reading software that pulls data and images from any ID
  • Crops the face and signature image from ID’s
  • Automatically detects which state the ID issued from
  • Personalize the user interface with your company colors and logo
  • Use your scanner or bundle one of our Dockeport Scanners w/ software
  • Output can be comma delimited, ASCII or XML

InfoScan ID Reading Software will work with any TWAIN compatible scanner on the market and can work locally or on a server. Just scan a card and the software can easily extract the information into a database for a future lookup. InfoScan ID is the ultimate ID Scan application on the market today.

Save time and money in your business process as well as keep your operation in compliance by saving transaction data and images. Ask about our SDK for direct integration into your solution.

idMax SDK

idMax SDK (Software Development Kit) is designed to integrate directly into your software and can be implemented on a local computer or Terminal Server.

Imagine having the power to remotely scan an ID into your financial, healthcare or any other application and having the data automatically populate in a customer’s profile. You can now extract data process and sort the results into fields such as ID number, DOB, name, etc.

To read various ID’s, business cards, checks and other media. The software integrates into your application as a Software Development Kit (SDK) that allows you to intergrate our ID reading OCR directly into your hosted application. The SDK is a powerfull tool that lets you accept ID’s into your system and extract their data directly into corresponding fields in your application. idMax can auto fill any contract or field in a user’s profile. Benefits:

  • Works with any TWAIN scanner
  • Option to use on a Server or Client PC
  • Easily integrates with our remote scanning software
  • Powerful OCR engine
  • Unbeatable pricing model
  • Unreadable cards can be programmed in within 24 hours or less


The InfoScan SDK exports a glue-less interface in the shape of running an executable with command line parameters. This way the client application and InfoScan SDK are not bound together which contributes to overall system robustness. It also makes SDK updates a simple process which does not require rebuilding of the client application. In fact the client application may stay in memory while SDK is being updated. It should only close the session, and reopen it after SDK update has been completed.

This interface does not impose performance degradation since the nature of the features exported by the SDK is not real-time.

Since the SDK interface involves only running an external executable by the client application, it is not sensitive to the development environment of the client application since all environments support running and external executable.

Thus, the interface information provided by the SDK contains the following items:

  • The name of the executable which implements the SDK interface
  • Command list, with description of each command parameters
  • Device list output file format
  • OCR output file format