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VirtualScan is a Remote Scan Software which is the most stable and affordable remote scanning software available on the market. Simply install our software, then let it scan your computer as you browse the internet, finish word documents, or stream music. This network scanning software has a user-friendly interface for easier, more efficient scanning across your computer’s different terminals. It runs silently in the background in order to free up time and space while you work.

  • 1 – 2 Keys: $250 / key
  • 3 – 19 Keys: $207 / key
  • 20+ Keys: $175 / key
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Product Description

Remote Scan Document Reading Software!

VirtualScan - Document Reading Software


The ultimate remote scan software application that solves the problem of remotely scanning images and documents into Terminal Servers and Citrix®,it supports any TWAIN scanner and webcams. Most importantly, we stand by our product with the most personal and fast-support model in our industry. Directly scan documents into Terminal Services and Citrix® environments with the addition of a central management console that gives the admin full control over the scanning environment and enables sharing scanners on the network, locking down scanning parameters and more! Our remote scanning software is so simple to use even with common applications such as Adobe Acrobat, Laserfische, EMR, EHR, Trucking, Financial and any other application that supports TWAIN drivers. VirtualScan is by far the best document reading software solution for cloud computing!

What Does It Do?

Remote scan documents with our OCR Document Reading Software

  • Scan insurance cards, notes, or any document from any type of document scanner
  • Scan directly into your server applications
  • Works with major medical EMR systems (NextGen, eCW, Allscripts, GE and more)
  • Works with all brands of scanners (Fujitsu, HP, Canon, Xerox, Kodak, Docketport and more)
  • Supports all versions of RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) as well as ICA (Port 1494 Independent Computing Architecture)


The ultimate remote scan document reading software application that solves the problem of remotely scanning images and documents into a server application or non-server application with any TWAIN scanner. Directly scan items into Terminal Services and Citrix environments with the addition of a central management console that gives the admin full control over the scanning environment and enables sharing scanners on the network, locking down scanning parameters and more! The software is so simple to use even with common applications such as Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Word 2003, Picasa, Irfanview and more! VirtualScan is THE scanning solution for cloud computing! Integrates into all major Medical, Financial and Proprietary applications

Features and Benefits

Features and Benefits of Remote Scan Software

  • Centrally manage all users from the server
  • Free Client Software
  • No limit on pages scanned
  • Supports 32 and 64 bit versions of Windows® Remote Desktop, all versions of Citrix / XenServer™ / XenDesktop, all versions of Windows Terminal Server
  • Supports multiple scanners attached to a single PC or workstation
  • Enhanced features that support high speed ADF scanners such as Fujitsu, Canon, HP, Epson, Kodak, Docketport and many more
  • Works with all Microsoft (Windows) and Citrix operating systems

New Features

New Remote Scan Features

OCR Solutions is constantly working to add new features and support thus adding value to this already powerful Remote Scanning application. Here is a list of new recently added features and supported hardware:


  • Webcam Support – Take control of your locally attached webcam and transfer the image to your server. This function also allows cropping of the picture after it has been captured.
  • Signature Pad Support – Currently VirtualScan supports the Topaz 1×5 signature pad. Just sign the pad and the image directly transfers to your designated location on the server.
  • DigitalCheck Scanner Support – Check scanners have a unique API since they must transfer not only images but also the account information written on the bottom of the check also known as the MICR. We have integrated the API of all DigitalCheck scanners to support this functionality that can be immediately transferred to any hosted application.
  • InfoScanLite – A free online application that works on a server as well as a local application. Scans and saves information as PDF, JPG, BMP, PNG. Works with any twain scanner and can scan two images into one file.
  • VirtualScan Optimization
  • VitualChannel – We have added the sending of images over the RDP channel as an option for added security.
  • Automatic Client (Host) Update – In versions 5.3.xx and above all software updates need to be done once at the server level. Once the update is complete the client computers will auto update once the customer logs into his/her profile.
  • 128 Bit Encryption – All information and images are encrypted before sending out to the server.
  • Data Compression – The first phase of compressing data sent over the communication channel has been completed and we are seeing faster and more efficient scans. The second phase will make scanning over RDP or ICA even faster and we are continually improving this functionality.

Why Remote Scanning?

Why Remote Scanning or Virtual Scanning is Needed

The Challenge:

Scanning directly into an application hosted on Terminal Server, Citrix, 2x, Vmware and other applications is not a simple task. Citrix provides functionality of TWAIN redirection, but lacks many needed features and only works with a limited set of scanners.


Remote Scan Solution:

The OCR Solutions Virtual Scan application solves this challenge by creating a tunnel that remotely transfers an image directly into any hosted application thus making the application see the scanner as if it were directly connected to the server.


OCR Solutions Virtual Scan comes out of the box with enhanced functionality that surpasses any other product on the market. The technology behind VirtualScan is up to date with the latest technology trends and designed in a unique way. VirtualScan minimizes user support calls by letting the administrator centrally manage the environment using the VirtualScan Server User Interface.



The OCR Solutions Virtual Remote Scan System is comprised of three independent parts:


OCR Solutions Virtual Scan Host – Is installed on the client/users machine and transfers the driver information and capabilities to the VirtualScan Driver located on the Terminal Server.


OCR Solutions Virtual ScanDriver – Installed on the Terminal Server and remotely controls the user’s local scanner.


OCR Solutions Virtual ScanServer – Installed on the Terminal Server in the Administrators account and allows central management of the system.


OCR Solutions Virtual Scan (Remote Scan) is a cutting edge system that includes data compression, complete control over the settings of the scanners in the environment, central management of usersas well as central licensing done through the OCR Solutions Virtual Scan Server. A central licensing model means that moving licenses, changing computers or managing any end user need does not come with a charge and can be completed within less than five (5) minutes.


OCR Solutions Virtual Scan allows you the ability to share any scanner on the network with other users. A major benefit is that the application adapts to your hardware and architecture no matter what scanner, type of protocol (RDP, ICA etc) or servers you have in your network. This application extends the features of your scanner remotely giving you complete image/scanning control with features such as:


  • Three color variations – Color-Black & White-Grayscale
  • Contrast
  • Brightness
  • Imgage size and quality (DPI)
  • Allows you to choose which scanner you would like to use if more than one
  • If enabled by the Administrator it gives you access to any scanner on the network
  • The driver can be used in silent mode where it is not exposed on each scan
    The system has been thoroughly tested with many environments and applications and works with XP, Vista as well as all versions of Microsoft Server. OCR Solutions Virtual Scan integrates any type of scanning device: Flatbed Scanners, Small USB card scanners, Workgroup Scanners, Departmental Scanners, Production Scanners, ADF scanners and more.

How It Works

3 Easy Steps!

1. The server administrator installs VirtualScan Server and VirtualScan Driver applications on the server and configures each user that requires the remote scanning ability


2. Each user installs the VirtualScan Host application on their local machine and inputs the server IP directly into the setup screen


3. Once the user logs onto his or her session they set the software to point to our OCR Solutions Virtual Driver then scan as if it was a local scan that goes directly into the application


OCR Solutions Virtual Scan comes out of the box with enhanced functionality that surpasses any other product on the market. The software is the ultimate virtual driver that includes datacompression, complete control over the settings of the scanners in your environment, central management of users as well as central licensing on the server.


OCR Solutions Virtual Scan uses port 51000 to communicate by default. To begin please make sure port 51000 inbound is open to incoming traffic. Our software has an optional feature that allows encryption on the images that you scan so opening the port is designed to conform to most industry standard security guidelines.


OCR Solutions Virtual Scan Server is used for central control over a network so there can be several servers on a network but you will need to run only one instance of our scanning server control per network. It is not important which server you decide to use. The main guideline is to have 5 files in the user home directory or home share for scanning


C:WINDOWS (or any drive that you are using) should have the following files:



C:WINDOWStwain_32VirtScan should have – VirtScan.ds file in it


OCR Solutions Virtual Scan Driver is our remote driver which is installed on the terminal server. It is important to know that driver files must exist in each user’s home directory or Homeshare. Once you install our driver on your terminal server the files will normally copy into these locations with our software. In some environments they may have to be copied manually.


Installing on Server Farms/Multiple Citrix or Terminal Servers


When you log in on a different server and scan for the firt time our system will recognize that the OCR Solutions Virtual Scan Server is at a different IP address and not local.


The OCR Solutions Virtual Scan Driver will prompt you for the IP of the server where the OCR Solutions Virtual Scan server is (only once). WheOnce that is configured you are set. You will see a dialog box similar to the image attached.

SMAware VirtualScan Driver Assistant

Detailed Remote Scan Diagram

Network Communications Diagram using a VPN

Network Communications Diagram example using a VPN


Q: How is the software licensed?

A: Each license key enables 1 computer (client) to scan into terminal services. If you have 10 users each of their computers will need a key. The license is implemented on our VirtualScan Server where you can centrally administer the environment.

Q: How much does it cost to transfer a license on the system?

A: There is absolutely no cost to transfer a key. If you are upgrading to a new computer you will only need to disable the computer on our server and enable the new computer. The licensing scheme is a named user licensing.

Q: Do you have a trial period?

A: Our goal is to make sure you are completely satisfied before your purchase. OCR Solutions urges all it’s customers to take advantage of our free trial which is given for 15 days.

Q: Can we have a license that licenses us for any number of servers by the total number of concurrent users across the farm.

A: If you have a farm or networked environment all that is needed is one instance of VirtualScan Server. Other client computers with a VirtualScan Host will know how to communicate with the server and be able to scan into their RDP or ICA session. There is no need to have more than 1 server instance on a network.

Q: What is the function of VirtualScan Server?

A: VirtualScan Server allows the administrator control over the scanning environment. Features include: seemlessly transfering a license key from one computer to another, adding a network scanner or any other scanner on the network to a user, removing a host and more.

Q: What scanners do you support?

A: Our system will support any type of twain scanner. We currently recommend and sell Canon, Fujitsu and Docketport scanners as they have been thourougly tested in various environments.

Q: Does your system work with network scanners?

A: Yes, you can assign a network scanner to any user on the system and enable them to scan directly into Terminal Server and Citrix hosted applications.

Q: Can I scan in color? Black & White? Grey Scale?

A: Yes, we support

all TWAIN functionality for remote scanning.

Q: What scanners do you support?

A: Our software creates a virtual driver that communicates with any TWAIN scanner.

Q: What type of documents does VirtualScan support?

A: Our system can support any document type. There is even a setting for a custom size.

Q: Is there a charge for moving a license? If a computer goes down can we transfer the license?

A: There is NEVER a charge for replacing a computer licensed to scan to the server nor will there ever be. Transferring a key from one computer to another can be done by the administrator and takes less than 1 minute.

Q: If we get a license for our server, do we also have to buy a license for every user that we add, or is there so many users that we can add per server license?

A: The licensing that is installed on the server is based on each computer that connects; you can say it’s a named user license. So if you have for example 2 computers that you scan from you will need 2 keys.

Q: Is there a limit to the amount of host’s we can add to the server software?

A: here is no limit to the amount of users on our system, users can simultaneously scan into your terminal server or server farm.

Q: How does the license pricing work? Do you charge per computer connecting to the server?

A: Yes we charge per computer connecting to the server, the more users purchased the lower the price per seat. The system resembles a names user account architecture when one user is taken off the system it frees up a key.

Q: Do you only need one VirtScan Server per farm? How would this work?

A: If you have a farm you would install our Server on one of your terminal servers so for example TERM1. The driver will be installed in the user’s home directories or roaming profiles. On the first scan there is a one-time configuration window that pops up since it knows that the VirutalScan Server is at another location. The system will ask you to put in the IP or server name in the box so you will enter either IP or TERM1. Again this is a one-time configuration.

Q: If we have 2 scanners networked to the same host, would the end user be able to select between the 2?

A: Yes you are not limited to the amount of locally attached scanners at all. The user just needs to choose which scanner or webcam you would like to use.


Warranty / Maintenance / Support Policy

Q: What is the warranty policy on your products?

A: All of our products come with a complete 90 day satisfaction guaranty in order to get full support after the 90 days it is important to purchase a maintenance policy with your software. After the 90 days, we will no longer give support unless you have purchased a maintenance policy. OCR Solutions strongly suggests you take advantage of our 2 week free trial before purchasing the software.

Q: Can I extend my 1 or 2 year support contract?

A: Yes, if you have purchased one of our support products you will always have the option to extend it.

Q: What does the policy cover?

A: We support the following:

Technical phone support

Software updates

Computer and Server transfers


Payment Policy

Q: What forms of payment do you accept?

A: Credit Card, Check and in some cases wire transfer.

Q: What type of credit cards are accepted?

A: VISA, Master Card, and American Express.

Q: How do you deliver your products?

A: Our software can be directly downloaded from the site or emailed. You must contact us in order to receive a trial.

Q: What are my delivery options?

A: Since we sell mostly software you can download from our site or have it sent to you by one of our representatives.

  • Data compression – VirtualScan compresses the images scanned then unravels them on the remote server simulating the experience of a local scan.

Virtual Scan Data Compression

  • Flexibility of using scanners, webcams or even check scanners
  • Ability to crop and control a webcam image after it is taken

Cropping Capabilities and Webcam Control

  • Quickly change between local devices on your computer
  • Perfect solutions for large enterprise server farms
  • Remote scanning allows user access to all TWAIN functionality that local scanner has such as Duplex, Resolution, Brightness, Scan one page at a time from
  • Feeder, Error Detection and More!
  • Works on all Windows platforms
  • Works on Thin Clients (Windows Embedded Only)
  • Ability to share scanners and cameras across the network
  • Block users using our central Server UI
  • Manage scanning parameters for all users so they don’t scan large images and take up space

Control Scan Parameters

Control Scan Parameters

  • We own our code and can take on custom projects to support various hardware products. Virtual Scan currently supports Topaz 1×5 signature pads,
  • DigitalCheck Check scanners and more!
  • VirtualScan is the product of choice for Citrix and other Server Farms. Enable your users to scan into any server in the Enterprise!
  • Scan insurance cards, notes, or any document from any type of document scanner
  • Scan directly into your server applications
  • Works with major medical EMR systems (NextGen, eCW, Allscripts, GE and more)
  • Works with all brands of scanners (Fujitsu, HP, Canon, Xerox, Kodak, Docketport and more)
  • Supports all versions of RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) as well as ICA (Port 1494 Independent Computing Architecture)