Save Time with a Cloud ID System for Your Scrap Yard

In 2021 alone, the scrap metal recycling industry has recorded over $27 billion in revenue. As the growth of the industry and the price of scrap metal rises, communities have also seen a rise in theft of scrap metal.

In an attempt to combat the rise in theft, states have developed regulations for scrap yards, salvage yards, sellers, and law enforcement. These regulations vary from state to state and are frequently amended to address situations rising in their communities.

A Scrap Yard Management System is Essential for Compliance with State Laws and Regulations.

As the owner of a scrap yard, you might be required to maintain a record of the ID of the seller, their vehicle or license plate, and the scrap metal they are selling. Over 20 states require the salvage yard or purchaser to collect the seller’s driver’s license info and make a photocopy of the license for records to maintain a database.

Records of these transactions often need to be held for at least two years for law enforcement officials, and the management of ID-records can be time-consuming and cumbersome. 

Failing to comply with these laws can also result in costly fines. However, compliance doesn’t require you slow down customers of your salvage yard by collecting IDs. 

OCR ID scanning software speeds up this process for you and your customers integrating with your scrap yard management system.

Maintaining an online database of customers can be vital in states that require you to hold records for two years. idMax comes with a simple but powerful SDK that can easily integrate with other systems that you may already have.

Sellers can simply walk in the door, scan their ID, and our scrap yard software takes it from there, extracting data from a license in under 2 seconds and completing the appropriate fields in our cloud database:

  • Rapid ID Reading (1-2 Seconds) so scrap metal customers do not have to wait
  • Auto detection of State, Auto Rotation of Card, Age Calculation, photo capture, signature capture, and more
  • Works with any TWAIN compliant scanner
  • Scan directly to the cloud
  • AutoSave information to our cloud database

The software can then utilize that data to populate information into a predefined document, such as a contract, that can quickly be printed for your customer to sign. If your salvage yard is in a state that requires multiple steps to comply with state scrap metal recycling laws, contact us today to shorten the process by automating your ID collection.

Implementing OCR software in your scrap metal or salvage yard purchasing process will save you time and protect your business, while managing the information you collect from customers in case it needs to be recalled again for local authorities. 

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