idMaxCloud Software

Cloud Solution

For end users and developers who are interested in a Rest API, our cloud solution is just a click away!

For end users that need to scan an ID and populate a database, this is the tool for you. Using our integrated scanning solution you can scan IDs directly into the system and extract their information in 4 seconds or less. The information is retained in a database for later retrieval and you can mark users status such as VIP, Banned etc.

All OCR’s software versions have the ability to save the ID, Face and Signature Image. The cloud database version displays them in an organized manner that allows a clear view of the image.

For our developers the cloud includes a Rest API for easy integration into your environment/applications. The system can be installed on your enterprise servers or ours.

The end user cloud solution stores each entry into an online database and has reporting capabilities. With easy color coding that shows each client status.

idMax Cloud is sold on a subscription basis or as an Enterprise solution. Contact us today for your free trial account!

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