About Us

OCR has specifically developed a medical claims systems form
scanning and processing solution for our healthcare partners.

    • Experienced in all aspects of OCR, Face Recognition and Connected Technologies.
    • Innovative cutting-edge technology.
    • Integrity.
    • Customer service is #1 for us we are a partner not a vendor and will be there when you need us.
    • Strong brand recognition and reputation.
    • Strong partnerships and strategic alliances we have unlimited resources through our partnerships we have developed over the years.
    • Proven track record of delivering projects and services.
    • Financial performance and stability.
    • Research and development is where we spend most of our time and money.
    • Quality and stability of our products is how we have been in business for 19 years.
    • We have staff all over the world, in countries such as USA, Canada, Ukraine (Support Center), Spain (Development), Armenia, and Brazil (Operations and Administration).

Key Executive Team


Eyal Barsk


Leandro Sapiro


Larissa Lachnit