Terminal Server

virtualscanRemote or Virtual Scanning into Terminal Server

It’s now a fact, we are trying to go paperless as well as implement complex remote servers and applications. With all the vendors now involved in our enterprise applications and infrastructure it amazes me how we get everything to work. In enterprises using Terminal Server applications installing a scanner driver directly on the server just doesn’t work.  While everything appears to install, remote scanners will not be able to scan into a hosted application using a manufacturers existing driver.  After doing some additional research you will find that Microsoft Terminal Server is not a supported operating system by the scanner manufacturer.

VirtualScan remote scanning application integrates directly into Terminal Server environments. The system enables scanning directly into terminal server hosted applications from a remote client regardless of its location. VirtualScan allows you to network and share any scanner, streamlining your processes thus saving you time and money.


VirtualScan has been integrated into hospitals, medical offices, schools and other Industries to scan directly from end-user workstations to a hosted EMR, Document Management system or other software running on Terminal Services or Citrix servers.

On the terminal server the Virtual Driver is automatically installed in the user home directories in the Windows/twain_32 directory. This enables any system that is configured to scan expose our driver and enable scanning directly into the software hosted by the terminal server.

Virtual Driver Seen In the Terminal Server Session


VirtualScan-source-viewThere will always be only one driver here no matter how many locally attached devices the user may have. The driver communicates with the VirtualScan host which transmits all your local scanners and cameras. This enables the user to control these devices remotely from the Terminal Server.

Benefits of Virtual Scanning to a Terminal Server

  • Allows the user to scan into a hosted application on a server from a remote desktop
  • Security – Scanned media is stored on the server giving you another layer of security
  • Central Management- Manage all users scanners and settings from our VirtualScan Server central user interface
  • Supports scanners, webcams, signature pads and check scanners

Operating systems supported

  • Client Support – Windows – 7, Vista, XP, XPe, 2K
  • Server Support
  • Microsoft® Terminal Server 2003, 2003 R2, 2008, 2008 R2, 2012
  • Citrix All versions including XenServer, XenDesktop and XenApp.