The Various Uses of Face Recognition Technology

by | Jun 11, 2019

Facial Recognition Technology (FRT) has advanced leaps and bounds.; so much so that it is no longer just used for access control to top-secret government facilities. Your smartphone is capable of being locked/unlocked with a simple picture. This just one of many use cases for facial recognition technology.

Control Sensitive Data

Much like securing access to a sensitive facility, you can use Facial Recognition Technology as a secondary factor when accessing information deemed sensitive. An accountant who needs access to private banking documents can sit at his or her regular desk and use a computer camera to provide authentication, and more importantly non-repudiation (your identity is proven).

Tying access to simply a username and password is not always the best method of security alone. Nothing stops the inherent risk of someone else using those credentials. By adding FRT to further identify users through a camera, you are decreasing the likelihood that no one else is using that person’s credentials to access protected information.

Automation in the Workplace

Time is money, this is a statement that rings true for any business owner. Any opportunity to take short-cuts without affecting the bottom line, quality of the service/product or legal obligations needs to be considered. FRT can automate certain tasks that individually may not seem like much, but when added up can be hours and hours that can be allocated elsewhere.

Time and attendance is one area that can be automated through the use of FRT. Depending on the software/equipment used, filling out a time sheet or punching in/out can be a tedious and time-consuming process.

Imagine a facility camera or computer camera that is able to intelligently recognize individuals, and provide timestamps for shift start, breaks, and shift end times. This information would be transcribed into a digital database that can be used for further processing such as automatically creating timecards.

Instead of having users punch in/out or track their daily hours, you now have data that can prepopulate on a timesheet for a one-time verification by the employee. The number of hours saved can be remarkable. This is accomplished rather easily through modern Facial Recognition Technology.

FRT for Marketing

Perhaps one of the most exciting advances in FRT is the ability to improve marketing strategies. Through what is known as deep learning, or machine learning through analyzed trends, FRT has the ability to analyze the behavior of shoppers and improve the customer experience/purchase process. Through a series of well-placed cameras, you can analyze customer moods as well as trends in shopping.

This is already a process that is actively being used by many big organizations. Some use FRT to gather customer information taken from captured images to produce target advertisements and strategies from trends. Some companies are even taking advantage of “Selfie-Pay” or paying for products through a picture/video.

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