VirtualScan Thin Client



VirtualScan is the ultimate and easy solution for remote scanning using a Thin Client device with Windows Embedded OS to Terminal Services or Citrix hosted applications.

VirtualScan is the best solution for scanning with your thin client environment to hosted applications running on a Terminal Server or Citrix Server. The system allows you to completely control a scanner that is directly attached to any XPe or Windows Embedded thin client workstation as though you are making a local scan into the device. VirtualScan works with all Thin Client devices which are running Windows®.


The VirtualScan Thin Client system has three components:

VirtualScan Host installs on your thin client together with the local scanner driver. The remote scan software supports all TWAIN compliant drivers as well as webcams.

VirtualScan Driver this is a virtual twain driver that communicates with the VirtualScan Host. The host sends the driver information on the locally installed hardware that is to be used in the scanning or image acquisition. Once the driver comes up you will be able to remotely configure your scan settings on the RDP or Citrix session.

VirtualScan Server is the administrator’s tool for managing licenses, users, scan settings and more.