VirtualScan Client Testimonials

“Yesterday, you resolved our issue and answered my questions, I was reflecting on the outstanding level of Support that your company has provided us.

As you know, we have been going through a large EMR implementation for our UPMC Cancer Center during the past two years that will continue into next year with over 40 Sites.

With this implementation, we will have one of the largest centralized, integrated EMR systems for the treatment of cancer in the world. We have been able to accomplish this through hard work of our team and clinical staff and also technical support and knowhow of people such as you.

Your scanning software is part of the overall implementation of our application, and it has been working and interfacing with our EMR very well. But in addition, we also appreciate the support that you and your team have provided. Your attention to details, level of knowledge, and your diligence in resolving our issues goes above and beyond our expectation. This dedication is commendable and we appreciate that very much.”

Best regards,

Mark Izadbakhsh

System Engineer – Lead

Aria and RO Infrastructure Manager

UPMC Cancer Center


“The BRADOC Data Management System (EMR) is installed in general doctor practices ranging from one to thirty doctors in size. The company has been using VirtualScan for scanning directly into our terminal server applications from our various remote medical clients. The application is easy to setup and has proven itself to be dependable and user friendly. When a support issue arises we have a number to call with a live person answering and assisting us immediately. In the business world where downtime and server restarts are not an option VirtualScan is the perfect scanning solution. “ 

Jim Schnack

Software Developer
Bradoc Data Management, Inc.


“Dragon Benware Crowley & Co. PC . is a premier accounting firm in Northern New York with multiple offices. Our firm is using VirtualScan in our office and 4 remote offices to scan tax returns and other documents directly into the Thompson Reuters Engagement CS and File Cabinet CS applications hosted on our Terminal Server.  In addition, we are using VirtualScan with Adobe Acrobat Professional, Word (if needed) and Sourcelink. The application has served us well considering our heavy volume of scanning and more importantly is the incredible service and support we have experienced from the company.”

Howard J Gratton

IT Director
Dragon Benware Crowley & Company


“As an industry-leading Managed Service Provider Avrio Consulting Group, Inc. is always looking for better solutions to fill our customer’s technology needs. In today’s economic climate customers need efficiency, security, and budget sensitivity. Sometimes, this means leaving current in-production solutions for something better. We’ve found that something better in VirtualScan. The VirtualScan traffic passes tremendously well through IPSEC VPN using Terminal Services. We currently use both LAN-to-LAN and software VPN solutions with VirtualScan on customer networks. The VirtualScan product has given our customers the efficiency of scanning from remote systems to a centrally hosted EMR. With thousands of documents scanned per day, our customers have become more efficient than ever before! SMAware, Inc. has brought a level of budget sensitivity to the table that is unlike any of their competitors. Using the Server-based licensing in our customer domain environments we have been given the freedom to transfer licenses between workstations, move scanners, replace PC’s, and even relocate staff members to different offices without any additional licensing expenses! SMAware, Inc. together with OCR Solutions, Inc. have done it right. From efficiency to budget sensitivity, they’ve done what virtual scanning has needed since inception. We look forward to continuing to implement and support the VirtualScan product.”

Joe Valentine

Avrio Consulting Group, Inc.

Senior Consultant


Planned Parenthood: Shasta- Diablo (PPSD) provides over 100,000 individuals with health care and education services at more than 30 sites throughout 13 Northern California counties. Our main EHR system, Nextgen, is installed on our Citrix server farm. Remote Scanning is a key function to our daily operation and VirtualScan integrates perfectly with out Nextgen system. Once the user profile is set up one time with scanning preferences that are saved per scanner there is really not much to do. The VirtualScan team is responsive and we have not needed much support since the system has been installed.  When we have needed support, I have gotten excellent customer service, and their support team was even able to customize their application to serve our needs.  We have been very happy with the VirtualScan technology and would recommend it to any healthcare or other organization needing to share/network scanners or scan from thin clients.

Jeff Novik

Sr. Systems Administrator

Planned Parenthood Shasta Diablo