Remote Scanning with VirtualScan on Server Farms


VirtualScan on Server Farms

A server farm is a cluster of two or more servers that work in unison to support a large environment of processing and users. Remote scanning with VirtualScan software is stable tried and tested in these environments. Since many of our customers have large server farms we have added special features to the software so that as users and computing power increase the software will scale to keep up with the additional resource demand.


Use Case1: 

  • User logs into a Citrix™session opens his hosted Aria Medical Oncology Application
  • The enterprise has a roaming profile thus no matter what server the user logs into the VirtualScan driver in his/her profile with the scan settings will always stay the same.
  • User opens the patient file and scans in the patient’s medical records. Even though the VirtualScan server is on server A, and user is logged into server T the driver will communicate to server A via port 8000 and send over the image within a fraction of a second.

Use Case 2:

  • User logs into a terminal server via RDP connection and initiates the NextGen EMR application.
  • The server farm consists of 4 servers and there is no roaming profile
  • The driver is installed on each server and resides in each user’s home directory
  • The VirtualScan Server resides on Server 1
  • User logs into Server 4 and double clicks on Nextgen Icon then logs into the system
  • User initiates a scan and driver is initiated on Server 4, communicates with Server 1 via port 8000 for scan settings
  • Scan command is sent out to the users VirtualScan Host on the local machine and initiates scanning.
  • Scanner pulls paper through and sends a 128 bit encrypted image via port 51000