What is OCR Software?

What is OCR Software

What is OCR Software?

Wherever there are paper documents that must be processed by somebody there is place for OCR. OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition which is the action of taking data from a picture or scanned image. OCR looks at a scanned document like the human eye and digitizes its information. Why is this important? Extracting data from a document or ID eliminates manual data entry, a process that takes a lot of time and resources. Most organizations and employees spend way to much time inputting data by reading a printed document. Not only does this take time and gets to be frustrating but lends itself to a high data entry error rate. OCR is the alternative to data entry, in the time it takes a user to enter data from one page our OCR advanced capture software can process a whole job!

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The average time it takes OCR  software to process 10 pages that have been pre-programmed in our system is 25 seconds! OCR’s intelligent capture system not only captures data from known pre programmed documents, the system will dynamically read and learn a document that is placed through the system. Once the OCR engine recognizes the document, it will automatically or dynamically create a template to recognize the document. If a document with the same structure goes through the system again, it will be matched to the previous OCR template and extract the data into proper fields for export into virtually any system.

Once information is extracted, you decide where on your environment you would like the information to go and what format. In general, the information can be exported to XML, Comma Delimited and even excel. Our docAlpha data capture solution can work with business rules to validate and normalize the data prior to exporting. Once all the data is verified the information and images are delivered to your back-end system, content management system, SharePoint® or other system for reporting, storage and retrieval.